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IMDB (not even touching metacritic) is proof user reviews are completely worthless


My youngest sister's birthday is next week, and she's turning 23. Which was a rough year for me, but here's her haul from me


I'm debating using this as a facebook pfp. But idk, I don't want to be political or anything


It's pretty wild that in 2010 the average gamer wouldn't necessarily know the Witcher series or dark souls. Now I think those are more or less the poster children for what almost anyone thinks a video game is. Pfa


I may be socially inept, but I'm pretty bad at video games too


My new year's resolution was to meet more people. So in a cosmic kind of way it's my fault walmart closes at 8


So with the new acquisition I guess that means Prey (2017) 2 isn't happening, but maybe prey 2 is happening


I haven't posted in over a year. How you guys been?


Here's a reactionary playing cyberpunk to get angry. Remember, if you're going to complain about something make sure it's actually what you're complaining about


Reminder, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism


I may have had a shitty vacation, but at least botw2 was announced


Hawaii was... Terrible. I hated it, it was expensive as fuck and nothing was worth the investment. Unless you've got 5-10 grand a person per week, I would avoid it. Also I'm glad I left early as fuck because the power at the airport is out


Hi, my name is Anthony and unless it is clearly posted to not climb all over a mountain side, I will do it every chance I get.


346 am. By 330 pm I will be in hawaii. If I die, please don't touch my stuff, because you know it's mine


Now, I know my memes are generally too spicy for dtoid, but I love minion memes so here's a classic


In 2003, I was 9/10 and a game from 1999 would seem ancient and the wait between Pokemon games felt like an eternity. Now I play games from 06 and feel like they're (relatively) new and Pokemon comes out too frequently. Times arrow I guess


I want more opinions on rage 2, but here's some asthetics


As an idea of how old I am, this is about as nostalgic as I get


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