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The many saints of Newark is very very bad. Idc what people say about Micheal Gandolfini, no one in that movie did a good job. Even ignoring the connections with the sopranos (which you should as the movie retcons about 35% of the show) it is bad


The true disappointment with user reviews is that games like deathloop, which have legitimate issues on pc, are more often liable to get review bombed about having a black protagonist. Both steam, and metacritic are lousey with other examples.


Today I get to play "Is this the game or is this the computer?" A game that many pc gamers will ignore. I'm on hour number 2 trying to figure out what the issue is. Updated in comments


Well here's an apology post for the spoilers


I imagine this was due more to the increased popularity of video games than anything


It might be because I like miles morales more as a character, but insomniac beat the piss put of spiderman (2018) with miles morales. It was better in every way


The people who can remember 1994 are peasants


Hltb is a website that will make you think you will 100% the witcher 3 in 100 hours and that you will finish super metroid on your first run in under 8


One time I got banned from a fb dead space group because I pointed out that dead space 1 and 2 are broken on PC, and that it's tragic that EA has done nothing to fix it. The mod said it must be my bad pc, to which I replied with the PC wiki, and got b&


This is technically the first (and only) perfect 100 on metacritic games. I am sure by the time this gets noticed it will be brought down pretty soon, but I enjoy this little fact


It's amazing that super metroid has been on the snes, the wii, wiiu, 3ds, and switch, and on every one of those consoles it has been the best game on those consoles


I've been reading les mis (listening whatever fuck you). I am appreciating it on an entirely different level, and despite being an edgy agnostic iconoclast, I find a lot of the arguments made by Hugo to be very engaging, and even beautiful.


What (if any) game do you think had the worst tacked on multi-player. I'm talking about dead space 2, or tomb raider levels of lazy, or spec ops levels of inappropriate.


So now that I've done all the spiderman challenge missions (max ratings) I have to say (this is before I even finished chapter 2) that it is completely unfair to have challenges that rely on "skill" but then to also have a large amount of that be luck


I don't trust anyone who doesn't know this is the funniest joke in futurama, and has the best punchline I will die on this hill


I am thinking about taking out student loans and dropping full time work so I'll actually get my degree instead of meandering around. Does anyone who has done this have any advice about who to go to and who to avoid?


It turns out I have the 782 ps5 in existence. It's pretty amazing that they sold a whole 782 by mid march!


Damn, with the playstation store shutting down does that mean psporn won't work any more too?!


It sure would be nice if I could actually understand what was being said in between cutscenes. Or you know had subtitles like every other game with sound designed to drown out any and all speech. Otherwise I'm loving halo 3


I just saw someone calling kotaku's article regarding halo infinite's delay into 2022 (it isn't they got it wrong) "fear mongering." Like it's a fucking video game, a product, they're not fear mongering they're just jumping the gun.


I was messing with the way back machine, and wow. Finally IGN on the go!


Interestingly enough, cyberpunk gave some patch note updates this morning without a release date. They do look to be more substantial than 1.1 and hopefully bring the game up to a base line standard. Link in the comments


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