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I am thinking about taking out student loans and dropping full time work so I'll actually get my degree instead of meandering around. Does anyone who has done this have any advice about who to go to and who to avoid?


It turns out I have the 782 ps5 in existence. It's pretty amazing that they sold a whole 782 by mid march!


Damn, with the playstation store shutting down does that mean psporn won't work any more too?!


It sure would be nice if I could actually understand what was being said in between cutscenes. Or you know had subtitles like every other game with sound designed to drown out any and all speech. Otherwise I'm loving halo 3


I just saw someone calling kotaku's article regarding halo infinite's delay into 2022 (it isn't they got it wrong) "fear mongering." Like it's a fucking video game, a product, they're not fear mongering they're just jumping the gun.


I was messing with the way back machine, and wow. Finally IGN on the go!


Interestingly enough, cyberpunk gave some patch note updates this morning without a release date. They do look to be more substantial than 1.1 and hopefully bring the game up to a base line standard. Link in the comments


Well it seems like botw finally took over dark souls as the game I replay instead of games that I've never played but own. It only took 4 years


I know it's considered the worst 3d zelda, and I think it is too, but also I love skyward sword so fucking much it is so nostalgic to me, and I really can't wait for it to come out on switch bonus thought in the comments


Dyk the ps3 attach rate was about 11? The wii for reference (a notably high attach rate console) is around 9.5. The 360 is much harder to tell as they software sales continued into the xb1 Era, but the number I think of is 8.5(I think that's old data tho


I used to be a head chef and this is what I have to show for it


Yesterday I got an email invitation, this morning I got my stimmy, and just now I got a ps5. 2 days from now I'll just be playing ps4 games on it


People often complain about dropping hot in battle royals, but I think there's a great point in doing it. If you're team refuses to work together early on, there is literally no way you're going to win the game with them unless you're insanely good


I'm not sure how I didn't know this existed, but til about the dragon ball fighting game on psp


I feel like I only post here when I'm down. So here's some positivity. Especially since bojack was brought up recently.


I just finished my first battle pass with over a week left in the season and I feel very proud of myself


2021 rang in the year by my cat dying. This is the first 24 hours in 10 years that I know I won't see him again. It sounds pathetic but he was my best friend, and I feel like the world is over. This is the last picture I have of him,


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