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Guys, this batista said "have a good day sir" and I sat in the coffee shop for 2 hours and left. Then the next day did the same. Anyway, the marriage is in march!


Idk why I buy new games when all I ever want to do is replay my old Nintendo games...


I have been ever expanding ideas and techniques while waiting on the phone


So here's some more metacritic gripes coming from ya boy. The same publisher gave dq11 a 10/10. I get different reviewers have different tastes, but with the ever growing relevance of aggregate scores this feels dirty as an excerpt Details in comments


So the old joke is that reviewers compare everything to dark souls, but weirdly no one says anything about how everything is compared to bioshock. Literally every video game that is even remotely similar is called bioshock. I see it constantly


If any of you are in an office perhaps you've seen this. If you don't work in an office, I show you this gold "training" video. I get the tone they were going for, but it just misses the mark so hard.


As an insane person, I hate that nuero typical people say insane. I wish they would use the correct term "damaged in the membrane."


Does anyone else have non Christmas-y games feel like Christmas? Idk if this is common but skyward sword is my most Christmas game I can think of, and I remember playing it with a huge blast of nostalgia


Happy Saturday, here's a meme I made at work yesterday


So while I was stuck in 5:13, I tried to draw Quetzlecotal's ascension to the sun. This picture is loaded with some very obvious symbolism and isn't really great but it was very fun to draw


Help I got high and I'm stuck in 5:13 est. How are you?


So now that dread is performing well in sales beyond the launch window, does this mean a fire emblem style renaissance where we get way to many metroid games back to back?


So dune 2021 more or less requires you to be familiar with the book, but you can really see how blade runner 2049 led into this movie. Cool stuff, great cinematography questionable everything else.


The many saints of Newark is very very bad. Idc what people say about Micheal Gandolfini, no one in that movie did a good job. Even ignoring the connections with the sopranos (which you should as the movie retcons about 35% of the show) it is bad


The true disappointment with user reviews is that games like deathloop, which have legitimate issues on pc, are more often liable to get review bombed about having a black protagonist. Both steam, and metacritic are lousey with other examples.


Today I get to play "Is this the game or is this the computer?" A game that many pc gamers will ignore. I'm on hour number 2 trying to figure out what the issue is. Updated in comments


Well here's an apology post for the spoilers


I imagine this was due more to the increased popularity of video games than anything


It might be because I like miles morales more as a character, but insomniac beat the piss put of spiderman (2018) with miles morales. It was better in every way


The people who can remember 1994 are peasants


Hltb is a website that will make you think you will 100% the witcher 3 in 100 hours and that you will finish super metroid on your first run in under 8


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