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I want more opinions on rage 2, but here's some asthetics


As an idea of how old I am, this is about as nostalgic as I get


I didn't realize this was a thing until today


Even if this is old as hell, it still gets me every time I see it in my feed


I really feel like listening to Lovecraft audio books playing through bloodborne has made me understand the game better from a narrative perspective. Any games or books that do you like that?


I'm not sure if I'm proud or ashamed


IGA is a gift I'm glad to be able to watch


Anyone try out critical mode for kh3? I platinumed it back in February and was wondering if it's enough of a difference. Also, for a game that took 9-14 years to come out no one seems to be taking about what a massive disappointment it is


Kotaku gets called out for the garbage pail articles it publishes


Going back to dark souls 3 after sekiro is... Hard. I think I'm going to restart and finish p5 first


I'm a sucker for cheesey videos like this


Does this actually mean anything to anyone? Maybe I'm missing the point but how is sekiro related to gamer gate?


Who wants to scroll down memory lane with me


Hey, uhhh, you can change your PSN finally.


I feel like this is about to stir a pot that I'm going to let boil


Now that is done. I survived here's a meme


I'm working 24 hours in a 28 hour period, wish me luck


The advertising campaign reminds me of bloodborne's, in that there are ads everywhere. I kind of wonder how many people will buy this game, and then immediately regretting it


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