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I want a Steam Deck I can hook up and play on my pc


After 50 hours in Bravely Default 2 I can authoritatively say the difficulty spikes are bullshit.


Today I start my new job in my new home state. Nbd


Hi we are the TVA and would just like to show you that all that shit y'all been brawling about for the last coupla decades? Pointless.




Best Madonna album ever was Ray Of Light and if you disagree you can GO T


DL'd the mobile version of Chrono Trigger to play whenever im oot and aboot and my Gawd, the controls are abysmal. Sure I can hook up an Xbox controller but im not going to tote it along wherever I go.


Check out Mile 22 on Netflix. Good action film


Did the original ff7 have a different combat style than remake? I never played the original but was instantly turned off by remakes action oriented style. Just give me straight up turn based, yall.


Have you ever tried just NOT getting an arrow to the knee?


Welp I just bought a house in Maine. 2+ acres on tidal riverfront. Lmk if you want to come to a housewarming party in early August. Free booooooooooooooze


Played the CrisTales demo and overall seems pretty good. Intrigued to see how the time mechanic works out over the length of the game. Gorgeous art style, of course.


Why don't we get the option to kick Charlotte off the cliff?


I do not understand the battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles at all


I do not understand the battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles at all


yall asking to get deleted but you weren't even 733t in the first place. Booyah


The Shins Mukemame Ghost of Tsushima Raiden V


I've been getting bored with games so quickly lately. Nothing seems to scratch the itch. Thank blob for Gamepass otherwise I would have wasted hundreds of Freedom Scrips by now.


Enjoying the little bit of For The King I've played. Perfect little game for the Switch.


Well. I just found out about Dual Gear and Relayer, both games that look to be almost exactly like the game I've been developing myself. So it's kind of pointless to keep working on it now. :(


When you pee and the foam is eueballs


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