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Loving all the posts being at 69


Can't get over how slow the dialog is in Astria Ascending. Makes me want to punch puppies.


I must be getting better with my home improvement projects. I've only had to visit Lowes ONCE... Everyday for the past three days.


Midnight Mass is a great show so far. 3 episodes left


The dog wants to know why we won't let him play with the big dogs next door. We let him play with other dogs, why not these ones? Why dad why? Because they're horses, dog.


Finally, after 4 hours on my second attempt, the battle system in Xenoblade has clicked


I turned 40 today. I have officially become irrelevant to all persons teenage through college age. Thank goodness.


22 hours into Atelier Ryza and I really didn't expect to like it this much.


Minimaps: rotate or non-rotate?


Im still extremely excited about Relayer even if its been kind of radio silence for a bit. Supposed to launch 2021...


All this talk about Hades got me to boot it up again for the first time since November. So easy to slip back into the groove.


Im all in for the new Matrwicks


Two and a half hours to kill until my next flight AND there's a bar literally right next to the gate? Who am I to deny the hands of fate...


Its party time. Excellent.


Lessons from playing a 24 year old game: don't fight the big baddy "just for the hell of it" when you haven't saved in 2.5 hours. There is no autosave.


Feelin cuke, might deli meat tomater


Eat tomato soup with a fork


I will never NOT say "Infrogames" when I mean "Infogrames"


Installed a new kitchen faucet. I've never had a faucet with this much power


Did I miss the final Cristales review? I thought I saw one of the Droid staff say they were working on it. Interested in their opinion!


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