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Send help. Can't stop playing Hard space Ship breaker on the steam deck


Happy Thanksgiving everyone


How many people here watched The Lost Room? Aka: "it's like Control!” if you did, can you recommend shows like it? I need good, odd sci Fi


After 60+ hours, im done with Harvestella. That last boss is some shit game design.


I've never Devil May Cry'd but DMCV is on sale for 10 bucks on Steam Deck so I went for it.


Today I saw two bald eagles fighting in the air. A new family has moved into the peninsula and has set about learning the boundaries the hard way.


Whoever decided to market Harvestella as a farming/life sim missed the mark so bad they could have never played the game. It's just as a much a story rich JRPG as Trails or Final Fantasy.


Yesterday was Pig Day at our local farm to table restaurant (literally, as in the farm is right behind the restaurant.) Honor the pigs for their contribution and make sure nothing goes to waste.


Moar like Bod of More: Magnacock amirite


The first time I tried the Jarvestella demo, I was so bored. I just tried it again, and I dig it although the demo is way more action based than life sim. Also: Harvestella? I don't even know Ella.


Working through the final chapter in Trails in the Sky and, while I've enjoyed it, I really don't get how it can be considered one of the best JRPG ever.


Spilt beer all over my switch


Playing Trails/Sky on the Steam Deck and it runs flawlessly so far, despite the warnings that is "unsupported"


Silent Hill Short Transmission? Moar like Over the Hill Jort Transition


If a studio were to make a game you would call, "Gruesome, but required conversation,” what would it look like to you?


Aww. This is the day the music died.


(he says while legally high) I never thought I would see the day.


I know this seems like a double poast but shuddup and listen: NMS is the perfect example of how to do GAaS. Game that started out shaky,vl but through numerous free updates, is almost making as much money on new sales as they did the initial hype...


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