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That's Outriders main story done. Did it all solo, reached world tier nine. The final boss fight was craps and so was the ending. Id give it a 7.5 because it was fun


What's your favorite genre? The one you would always try. FPS? RPG? RTS? what's another genre you would love to see mashed up with it? RTS with FPS? dating Sim with shmup?


I got a new idea for a game and im pretty hyped to slap it together. Going to be going at it hard this week. My mech game has been hard to pinpoint the actual style I want, but this one is clear as day. Stay tuned!


Im thinking about trying something new and changing the style of my game to an open-world, side-quest full, action "RPG" with a skill tree and crafting. Do you think that would work?


Yes, this is my homescreen. I took a picture of a blank piece of paper.


For years, I thought they were singing "Where the rednecks came to f*ck." Edit: effin discus. Pretend there is a Rage Against the Machine video here.


Add me on XBox if you want, TheMachinist#122


Qtoid is the Dark Souls of Facebook


Ok so what's in the box from Wakanda?


Hi guys, remember me? The guy who got his truck out of the shop only to have a branch fall on it two days later? Well I just got some new wheels and tires for my other car and BOOM! One of them blew. Not even 100 miles on them yet. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE


After 30 hours in Octopath im... Kind of over it. Its disappointing that the tales don't intertwine more than just being in the same place.


Pac-man represents the evil bourgeoisie and the ghosts are the proletariats just trying to hold on to what they have.


Maybe, just maybe, I'll be flying out to Seattle for an interview with a certain Aerospace company...


Just want to throw out that I am legit enjoying Outriders. I'm still working my way through the story so I can't speak to the endgame, but for now I'm have a grand ol' time.


Just got my 4Runner out of the shop on Tuesday after someone hit it in a parking lot. Today, a massive branch fell on it and effed up both the 4Runner and the Audi. Im drinking tonight.


So Outriders is pretty fun


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