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Prepare for battle. Meet a boss mech from my upcoming game


#Indietoid shameless self promo - mech design for my upcoming game. This is just the rough form and still needs work done.


What's your idea of a perfect game?


Diary of a game developer, part 3: Always thoroughly review an asset before you download it, even if the creator of that asset is the creator of the game engine. Otherwise you can lose every damn thing you made. Also: always create a backup.


I wanted to make a tradition vertical-scrolling shmup, but modern wide and ultra-wide monitors aren't very good for that. It would be easy to implement a switch so the player could rotate their screen, but who wants to do that every time you play?


Story of a game developer, part 2: I couldn't sleep last night and I decided to completely overhaul my game from a shmup to an RPG. smdh


As a newfound game developer, I've started realizing that all my ideas start with the same question: Q: Should this game involve mechs? A: yes.


Finally saw a real PS5 in the wild and damn, that thing is huge! It actually made me laugh. Now if only I could find one to buy.


If Star Wars didn't come out in 1977 and was being made now, which B-list actors would you choose for Luke, Leia, and Han?


Getting close to putting together a sizzle reel for my first game. I'm super excited.


Pop quiz: Who else could play Aragorn in LOTR besides Viggo Mortenson?


Downloaded 13 Sentinels. Have no idea what type of game it is. Starting soon.


remember when web browsers didn't have tabs


I plan on rolling out my new (first) game in the upcoming weeks and I'm going to be looking for beta testers, for free of course. If interested, just drop me an email at magpieinteractive@gmail.com, or just respond to this post so I can keep a list. CTD..


Today marks 56 days since I started seeking help for my alcoholism, and 42 days since I've had a drink. I'm looking forward to a new, sober, and fun year in 2021. I figure, I turn 40 in 2021, maybe it's time to finally get my shit together!


The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Today, I formed my LLC for my software development company, and purchased the domain! www.magpieinteractive.com Nothing there right now, but there will be!


I'm negative for Covid; f'y'all, I'm immune for the zombie popolypse.


I spent a lot of money to buy Gloomhaven a few years ago, and I've never played it because I have no one to play with.


I studied Latin and I don't remember anything about it except when I see the name Pall Mall when I'm getting gas.


She talks to angels


Downloaded BattleTech this morning, have yet to play it. Skinny 12 year old me picked up a "board game" in 1993 because it had a sweet-looking robot on it, and the adventure began...


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