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Turns out MS payed ABK that $70b with NFTs of Clippy.


Started playing Child of Light. What a gem of a game. I love the combat interrupt system too. Star Renegades has a great interrupt system too, just wish it wasnt a roguelite


Wind-chill today is -27 f. That's downright tropical compared to the -45 it was Tuesday.


Whatcha doin, dog? Nothin, dad, just pondering my orb


Blizzard conditions here in coastal Maine. The doggo loves it.


I love me some JRPG but I've yet to play that one that really grabs me and makes me say, "this is it. This is the pinnacle of the genre." Each time I try a new one I have that hope. Still searching.


What was that PS game that was a puzzler kind of platformer? IQube or something


Just put a deposit on the Steam Deck. Yeah, I know I won't get it until probably this time next year but as much as I love the Switch, I am willing to wait for it.


I'm on Maui. Where are you?


Best games to play with no sound, go


I'm going to go on record and say that Game Pass is the best thing to happen to gaming since the analog stick.


When the cabin you're staying at runs out of sugar for coffee, and you find sprinkles in the cupboard...


Happy vichyssoise day, everyone.


Just worked my last Friday of the year ama


Guess who's playing Super Robot Wars T? This effin guy. Guess who has no idea what he's doing? Right here.


I'm enjoying my time with Dwight Schrutes Desktop Dungeon Experience.


No matter how much I enjoy a game, I tend to lose interest between the 30 and 40 hour mark 🙁


I just ordered Super Robot Wars T. Time to find out what all the hubbub is aboot


Loving all the posts being at 69


Can't get over how slow the dialog is in Astria Ascending. Makes me want to punch puppies.


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