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Reasons I shouldn't be allowed on Amazon after midnight: ((I had 10 of these already so it isn't as bad as it looks...))


So in honor of #WeslikesbunnygirlsWednesday, allow me to introduce you to Figg, my new FFXIV alt. I was given a code for Shadowbringers after a friend had a redemption issue and I couldn't bring myself to change my main so... Heal Bunny OC it is!


I liiive! Not that I was ever truly gone, but I am done with my semiannual obligatory Mom-visit. Shopping was done, cheese was eaten, wine was drunk. 150% exhausted though. Now to retreat to the cave and play video games for a couple days to recover.


I ordered some pillow boxes to collect all the dice that were actually matching 7sets but didn't come in a box. I still have enough loose dice to add an extra d20 to each of these...and probably some extra d6s...and definitely d10s.


My lock screen hasn't changed in a looong time.


Frosty, Gus and Soulbow are dying for your viewing pleasure: http://www.twitch.tv/venturecrow Come watch them get absolutely wrecked at Apex Legends!


Frosty: "You were a boring kid, weren't you?" Me:


Alright, anyone have anything to ask before I go back to the very literal mine in DQB2?


Frosty's out for the rest of the night and that means I can play WHATEVER I WANT!! BWHAHAHaha..ha..ah, who am I kidding, I'll probably just play Story of Seasons. Tell me what I should be playing in the comments.


Frosty got me a present! Do you think he's trying to say something about my audio quality? I'm excited to set this all up tho! Time to git gud with Audacity.


I love going on to Afternoon Fika and seeing all the designs I was too slow to buy. Honestly shocked these aren't sold out yet, their designs are fantastic and their price points are amazing. All 3 for under 10 bucks? umm, yes! www.afternoonfika.com


Despite my best efforts, I am awake. I suppose I should do awake things.


Second night in a row I've been up till 4am reading... If you have any interest in graphic novels and you don't mind a bit of gore, please - PLEASE read Shut Hell.


Limo and Frosty are taking a walk through Night in the Woods, with additional voices by Gus! http://www.twitch.tv/venturecrow


Everybody list one gaming and one non-gaming thing you're looking forward to from now until next summer! Mine in the comments.


Free RPG day is tomorrow! Remember to support your friendly local game shop and pick up some free swag! The Witcher RPG (by the makers of Cyberpunk 2020) is releasing a free one shot called "Easy Mode" so at least go pick that up for the lulz.


Ah-HA! AHAHAHA MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have figured out how to play/stream Story of Seasons. Fear my cashewel gamer power!


There are a lot of unattainable, destructive male-gaze driven bullshit in games but this one is just the worst.


If shiny wooloo is a black sheep it is my only goal. Storyline what? Elite 4 who?


Remind me never to get into a Castlevania-related trivia competition with Shibboletho unless he's on my team. Beatin' up nearly-naked-ladies and droppin' facts!


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