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I just spent the last hour looking for local parks with waterside primitive camping. I've been infected by the YuruCamp.


What it's like watching the Roomie play Siege with folks from England, Germany and that most enigmatic of countries - Canada.


Moved a lot of stuff around and organized my #shelfietoid Please do me a favor and *dont* do the mental math on this one.


I'm gonna...I'm gonna...drink coffee in the late afternoon!


Everyone is alive with nary a headache. Water is the true winner this day.


After an internet failure so bad the isp just shrugged and said they'd have to send a tech out, and horrible traffic due to a road fatality, the drinking portion of the night has finally begun. Link in the comments.


Tonight at around 6pm PST (depending on Cali traffic) @Frostyflakes and I will be streaming Drunk Souls 3 with our good friend-for-now Merlo. Frosty and Merlo will be facing off liver to liver for your viewing pleasure! Peep the comments for more.


So...what do you think the odds are that Persona 5 will get thrown on to PS Plus in the near future, now that it's a Greatest Hits?


Me waking up from a 20 minute nap 3 hours later:


You know, with how much information about me they could buy on google or amazon, I'm amazed how many spam calls still think I need a medical brace.


Starting a Starfinder game with my OG RPG crew + an Infinity sale at Miniature Market = me ordering way too many models for my painting ability. Link in the comments.


It's a little bit rainy and you know what that means...


Went to see Captain Marvel. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me want to dust off my old CD case and find my No Doubt CDs...


Live as heck https://multistre.am/venturecrow/neoturbo/layout4/ Watch a murder happen in real time! #teamneo


being sick can just fuck right off. I feel like my head is 80% mucus at this point. Give me your favorite low-brainpower games, or your surefire cold-busting recipes. I need them


Talkin' starter pokemon lore in the venturecrow chat and ignoring the siege XD like ya do


It is a singular pleasure to be able to delete all of your alarms from your phone and go to sleep. In other news, I drove 14 hours again and I would like to hibernate for the rest of this hellwinter.


Day drinking in between fancy family meals. Watching some game design streams. Havin' a good day and hope you all are too.


Let's make some wildly false predictions while we still can: Grooky is gonna evolve baboon style, Scorbunny is Fire/ground, Sobble is water/ghost.


I always wait until I see the full evolution chain, but I tend to skew grass or water. I also tend to restart the game multiple times so....yeah.


I showed my Dad, a professional pilot, the new Ace Combat. He was less than impressed with the handling. BUT! I did unlock some Dad Lore about the dashes on the sides of the planes.


#snacktoid : What's the best thing you ever ate while playing a game? No, you can't say your partner.


I call these the "Destructoid enables bad decisions" side dishes


More sour than I expected but still good just not the all night beer I was hoping for.


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