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The Hunt is on! Return to Yharnam with Limo, Merlo and Frosty as they race against each other and their livers in a boozy playthrough of everyone's favorite Dark Souls. TODAY the 12th! In the afternoon because England is far, far away. LIVE NOW!


Just in time for Return To Yahrnam, the sequel to Drunk Souls has been scheduled! Boozeborne haunts your dreams on October 12th! Featuring Dtoid's own FrostberryJam, TheLimoMaker and friend MerloBraern! Link to the event in the comments!(Witching Hr BUMP)


Or 6AM could not. I'd be fine with that too.


Me: I should really do all these tasks so I can have a nice clean apartment and be ready for winter. Also Me:


I should be cleaning but instead I'm making Frosty some cheesy homemade gifts. 4 days ya'll!! Holy shit I have so much to do.


It's like washing a car - the day I give the dog a bath it rains cats and dogs during our walk.


It feels like a low-power day. Time to play some low-power games.


I wish there was a way to tell the algorithms "Take this off my recommendations/I will never be interested in this thing/creator, I don't care how popular it is" Maybe in the future we'll have our own pet algorithms instead of big corporate ones


Apparently Hyper Light Drifter is getting a tabletop rpg adaptation. I'm intrigued...


Another Saturday, another chance to mine some salt. Link in the comments.


Caravan Stories is honestly cuter than I expected it to be. I might actually play it more, it seems like it would be a good wind-down game.


FFXIV today and Siege tomorrow, unless the poll has an 11th hour turnover. I almost feel bad for not playing all the cool new games, but once October hits...hooboy. Expect a lot of stream events, and maybe even a cblog.


I'm too easily amused by other people's characters.


When you're consistently 0/0, last on the team but they can't cycle you out because you're the one with the stream: Thanks to those that played and those that watched! It was actually pretty fun.


Yesterday was yesterday and today is...well. I guess today is Siege. I'll be on at 4EST/1PST, though I'll probably be playing before that to make sure I don't sticky myself in the face (again). Link inside. BUMP: it's happening, it's really happening!


A bit over 24 hours to save me from having to play Siege. (Kidding, I'm sure everyone will be really nice and I'll have a lot of...fun..) There's still time to vote here: https://www.twitch.tv/venturecrow


I made a poll for my stream viewers to vote on what we play on Saturday, and Gus complained that there was no Siege...so I put Siege on the list. RIP my life.


Pineapple Rum + Cola = not that bad actually. Not as good as Pineapple Rum + Sprite or the God Tier Spiced Rum + Jupina but it'll do in a pinch. Now to decide what game to stream.


Should I buy No Man's Sky at 50% off, or wait until the inevitable 80% off during the next seasonal sale? I have a lot of other games in the mean time, I'm just very tempted by the new patch.


Free Login Campaign is back ya'll. No excuses come be nerds with us NA: https://sqex.to/eHnOu EU: https://sqex.to/PMDOz


Reasons I shouldn't be allowed on Amazon after midnight: ((I had 10 of these already so it isn't as bad as it looks...))


So in honor of #WeslikesbunnygirlsWednesday, allow me to introduce you to Figg, my new FFXIV alt. I was given a code for Shadowbringers after a friend had a redemption issue and I couldn't bring myself to change my main so... Heal Bunny OC it is!


I liiive! Not that I was ever truly gone, but I am done with my semiannual obligatory Mom-visit. Shopping was done, cheese was eaten, wine was drunk. 150% exhausted though. Now to retreat to the cave and play video games for a couple days to recover.


I ordered some pillow boxes to collect all the dice that were actually matching 7sets but didn't come in a box. I still have enough loose dice to add an extra d20 to each of these...and probably some extra d6s...and definitely d10s.


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