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Re: The Ninja tweet situation. A manchild uses platitudes to explain away terrible behavior. pt 2 in comments


Finally updated my phone after...*counts on fingers*...7 years? Man I'm old. Give me your favorite mobile games (android) that don't involve objects being made into gatcha waifus


Happy Palentine's Day, to my second favorite bunch of weirdos.


Wargroove's co-op campaign is delightful and challenging and kept Frosty and I up way too late. I need to remember that the Switch can suspend games.


We're having friends over and watching Overwatch League. Between bad scene switching and all the youtube ads it reminds me why I don't watch sports to begin with. I'm kind of annoyed they went for ESPN instead of trying to be better. Games are great tho..


I spent part of the day looking at all the different game jams going live on itch.io next month. It gave me Ideas. So many Ideas. Maybe one day I'll join one but for now I'll just make notes on scrap paper.


The boys are finishing up Halo Reach on stream tonight, come say hi! It shouldnt take too long so tell us what to play after! twitch.tv/venturecrow EDIT: oh great, it's a Siege stream now...


Calling all Monster Hunters! Limo wants to beat the main story but he also hates grinding so we're looking for ps4 hunters to break lizard face. Session ID in the comments.


They're trying to be nice and not stack March with so many big game drops...right?


It's Fire Emblem Time! I'm sure all of these teenagers are gonna turn out just fine under my expert tutelage. Link in the comments.


Gonna do more Fire Emblem tomorrow but I am extraordinarily happy with how this graphic turned out and I can't wait to share. (Original Petra sprite by BuskHusker)


New save of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is live! Watch as I struggle to remember how to play rock paper scissors and woo *all* the pretty people. twitch.tv/venturecrow


Midwest US Dtoid: What are some conventions you enjoy going to? I worked cons b4 and I'd like to get back to it - anime, games, tabletop I'm interested in all of them. And for simplicity's sake midwest = west of the Mississippi, east of the Rockies


Happy Birthday to my husband's husband Soulbow. You were our gateway drug into this community and I'll never forgive you for it <3 Thank you for being your best self and I hope next year has more great things in store for you!


I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. Except for the people that put their cursedmas in the qpost instead of in the comments. No amount of blessedmas will absolve your sins ♡


You ever want to see Limo being a teenage girl detective? Well, you're in luck because he is - now live on twitch twitch.tv/venturecrow BUMP: Twas short bc Limo was asleepy. Tomorrow we shall return for more.


I splurged a little and bought a fancy flannel shirt from REI during their winter sale. It's amazing what a few little design touches can do to an otherwise "basic" product.


I'm disappointing all my middle school teachers and succumbing to peer pressure. Limo has been pestering me to play Disco Elysium so I'll be streaming it for most of the day - come say hi!


I've got a breeding pair so I've been hoarding Galarian Ponyta. This is how you're supposed to play the game, right?


I've seen what shiny wooloo looks like and now I have a Mighty Need.


Thinking about this a lot.I've cancelled a lot of creative streams&held back from writing qposts or blogs bc I feel like it doesn't "matter". I've had opinions dismissed till I feel like it's pointless post publicly and just keep it to myself & I shouldnt


I'm lovin the new PKMN. I have a couple issues with it, more nitpicky like "I wish background characters were clearer" and "I wish the music didn't sound like a really loud 3ds"I also got my shit kicked by a lvl 15 Roselia that just refused to catch so...


Aiight boyos! Guess what we're doing for a 12 hr stream?! That's right, it's Pokemon Wooloo time.


I could really dig on a Pokémon Rancher game a la slime rancher. Pick your continent, catch & breed your stock, fulfill requests, do tourneys for cash to upgrade and embiggen your ranch. Who's with me?


I would like to co-opt "OK Boomer" for "OK Rando" for dealing with random haters on the internet. Cause sometimes all you can do is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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