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My friend is at an OK GO concert and I'm stuck watching my roomie play siege. Rip my life.


I mean I'll settle for biweekly if it'll help. But I'll take my dragon bronze.


California Raspberry Coca-Cola is good, but not justifies-its-price good. Goes next to Cheerwine as "buy it when you can but don't pay extra for the privilege"


Roomie is having "fun" being TK'd in Siege. It makes me wonder, which does more for creating a good online community: a performative reporting system or vaguely beneficial commendation system? More in comments.


oh, oh wow. I went to delete a sideblog on tumblr and it just...deleted all of my blogs. I can't even log in. Welp. Okay then.


Welp, time to pour one out for tumblr. I had like...800 followers over all of my blogs, but it taught me a lot about managing social media accounts and the memes were fresh. I won't miss it that much but it's the end of an era.


A friend put this up in our discord because she thought I would like it. She knows me well.


If for some reason you have never played these games, you have no excuse. Both Portal games for 4 bucks. I'd also like to give a shout out to MiniMetro which is 33% off an already low $9.99. What a great little efficiency game.


Does anyone here use Mastodon? (no, not the band, the social network) I've joined an instance, but I'm kind of at a loss at what to do now. Is it rude to just lurk?


Drew up some world maps yesterday because bored, and noticed part of it looked like a really happy dinosaur


Oh, really Steam? Guess I should un-ignore it then...


On this cold winter day I am about to drink a Bad Decision and put some final work on a #notakeoutTuesday cblog. Gotta work in some more gaming references so it's not completely off topic.


After a lengthy install I'm finally starting Horse Friend Simu- I mean Red Dead Redemption 2


I...just wrote a blog post that's 5 pages and over 3000 words. Why can't I write this easy when it's for a grade...


I won a copy of Breathedge from Dtoid! 🚀 Thanks ya'll! I guess I know what I'm streaming tomorrow


Why do I have less energy now than I did when I went to sleep. Whack.


Cleaning up the office and donating a bunch of books and games to the local libraries.


Reading an article about Telltale from the Verge back in March makes me feel that this was less a lightning bolt, and more a burning wheel finally stopping and falling apart.


The problem with starting a twitch is now every time I sit to play a game I think "I should be streaming this"


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