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Free RPG day is tomorrow! Remember to support your friendly local game shop and pick up some free swag! The Witcher RPG (by the makers of Cyberpunk 2020) is releasing a free one shot called "Easy Mode" so at least go pick that up for the lulz.


Ah-HA! AHAHAHA MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have figured out how to play/stream Story of Seasons. Fear my cashewel gamer power!


If the DQB2 demo has multiplayer, I expect you all to help me build a giant Mr Destructiod head.


There are a lot of unattainable, destructive male-gaze driven bullshit in games but this one is just the worst.


If shiny wooloo is a black sheep it is my only goal. Storyline what? Elite 4 who?


Remind me never to get into a Castlevania-related trivia competition with Shibboletho unless he's on my team. Beatin' up nearly-naked-ladies and droppin' facts!


Whoms't here is thinking of getting Dragon Quest Builders 2? I loved the first one, and I'm wondering what system we should go with. (All of them is not an option)


When your Roomie decides to buy and play a game they've already beaten once that also happens to have an extremely repetitive soundtrack.


A day late and a dollar short: #pettoid (in the comments bc I can't get it to load correctly)


The winning Uniquilo Pokemon shirt looks a hell of a lot like a knock off of a MonaRobot piece. Like, super sketch. Links in the comments.


For my 100th q-post I'm gonna ask a hard-hitting question: Why are cranberry orange scones the best type of scone?


Mmm, dice set with velvet lined box for rolling, map and creature cards. Do want.


My newest dice acquisition: Chessex's Festive Pop Art. This photo is from Battle-crazed Axe Mage on Tumblr, my camera can't do the pink justice. I really love it even if the pinks in mine are more muted. I kinda want to re-ink it with moar glitter tho...


I get so frustrated when I have a thin gap in knowledge or ability that prevents me from doing something. Like in a FromSoft game where you know the telegraph, and you know the dodge button, but the timing eludes you.


3AM Confessional: One of my weird gaming hobbies is finding the floorplans for fictional houses/apartments/etc and building them (badly) in the Sims. Next up: Cafe LeBlanc from Persona 5


I got my tsundere little chat bot hooked up to discord as well as twitch - little did I know that it would shill for streamlabs at all times with no way for me to turn it off (╥﹏╥)


Ublock is back. The internet has been cleansed and I can once again surf as the gods intended - unmolested by clickbait and hot horny women in my area.


If ya like Visual Novels, Dating Sims and Board Games pick up Fog of Love! I found it hella cheap on walmart's website and got through the tutorial. Lots of fun, feels a lot like a VN, but cooperative (and a tad competitive) with another person.


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