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I just spent all my bells on Turnips. This could turn out very poorly.


Welp, I'm back on my bullshit. I deleted my Animal Crossing island. Thank Jeeves Frosty is a patient person that doesn't mind me dumping half my inventory on his island while I reset things.


Cyberpunk Red (the new edition of the ttrpg 2077 is based on) is delayed :( was going to be out in June but now slated for end of summer or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


The Summer Games Fest stream is live and they're playing "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac and I'm...


It's the first of May and you know what that means...time to stay inside and play more video games. I'm starting a new stream series and dreaming of the day I don't have to play Fallout76 anymore. Edit/Bump: Live now @ twitch.tv/venturecrow


Gonna go live with more FO76. Time to play more "the floor is radscorpions" with Gus and maybe others


Happy Birthday Gus! I hope your happy with my gift of...not playing 76 today. Instead, party like its 1999!


Might be, may be, streaming some Fallout 76 in a bit with Limo. Gus TBD. You can see me fuss over character creation for way longer than necessary and then immediately die to the first radroach. I'll put a link in the comments when I go live.


Well thats DQ11 down. I know there's a lot of post game but, uh, after 80 hours I think I'm done for now.


Playing AM DnD with people I don't know well. On a platform I'm not good with (Roll20). And possibly an audience. OkOkOkCoolCoolCoolCool.


It was a gorgeous week, 60s, sunny w/ a nice breeze. Until this morning, when I woke up to snow on the ground. I can handle cold, I can handle heat, but I cannot handle the waffle. That said, what's your favorite weather in game? I love BOTW's rainy days


Protip: Wasps don't spawn if you open your gate. So open the gate and shake all the things.


Time for some cute puppers to cleanse the timeline.


Drinking rye and ginger beer before 4pm because time has no meaning. Trying to make a list of tasks for the next month, things to stream or even just to dos. Any suggestions I might not have thought of?


And now for the second hardest part of Animal Crossing...deciding what the town tune should be....


Now the hard questions. Do I name my animal crossing island a cool name, a cute name or a meme name? Hmmmm....


I'm surprised there isn't a Stardew mod that turns all the npcs into Animal Crossing villagers. The need is real.


I guess instead of your desert island game, give me your 2 week mandatory quarantine games.


It went from 60 degrees and sunny to snow on the ground. I think the weather is as confused as I am. Feels like a day for spicy food and chill games.


I really wish disqus had spoiler shields for images like discord so ya'll's cursed posts could stop ruining my breakfast.


I enjoyed Rune Factory 4 on 3DS and I'm enjoying it on switch. But between this, DQ11 and DQB2 I'm left to wonder if Japanese studios just hate my ears and want me to suffer. There's no in game volume control, everything is mixed super loud and more.


Re: The Ninja tweet situation. A manchild uses platitudes to explain away terrible behavior. pt 2 in comments


Finally updated my phone after...*counts on fingers*...7 years? Man I'm old. Give me your favorite mobile games (android) that don't involve objects being made into gatcha waifus


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