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More sour than I expected but still good just not the all night beer I was hoping for.


Happy Valentines Dtoid! Even if you don't have an SO, just take a second to appreciate all the forms of love in your life, even if that means appreciating just how much Soulbow loves Seige.


Also, Dream Daddy is 69% off on Steam right now. Go date some Dads!


Well, Tetris Battle Royale wasn't a game I'd ever think to play, but I'm gonna.


FYI- I saw this game jam on and thought some of you might be interested in seeing what comes out of it. Link in the comments!


I love that I don't have to actually defeat enemies in Anthem. I just get close to them and they disappear!


I just about have my temporary workstation all set up. Now I need to load all of the streaming software onto this computer and I'll be back in business. I think I was a little overeager in packing for stuff to do:


Ignoring the obvious standouts from the last year (Dad of War, RDR2) what game narratives have moved you recently? What stories were you suprised to be invested in and what do you think it was that drew you in?


I'm alive, but barely. We got caught in the winter storm and lemme tell ya, as someone from the tropics, that shit was not fun. I only cried a little. After crashing at a hotel we were able to complete the drive today.


Roomie and I have a 15 hour drive tomorrow. Any recommendations for things to listen to or activities that we can download to a tablet? Interested most in things that will keep me awake as I have first shift.


And now for more overwatch feat. the B team. B as in ballin. not as in bad. EDIT: 23 Kills in one Reinhardt. Not bad for an honest day's work.


Apparently Wizards DnD is holding events at Barnes and Nobles across the country if you want to get swag or hop into a game!


I want to use more for my indie games, but my antivirus keeps flagging the games I download (but not the launcher?)q.q


Gonna do a short Overwatch stream with @Frostyflakes. Come watch us get wrecked in quick play. No booli pwease. EDIT: over now, told ya i'd be short


Dtoid, what's your favorite warm up game? A game that makes it feel like summer, or a game that warms the cockles of your heart? And yes, I am just asking this because I'm freezing.


We just got a new coffee maker and just in time. My body decided that 4 hours (probably more like 3.5 tbh) was enough sleep and decided to get me up ;_; All this sunshine better be worth it.


I got to lavender town in lets go, but ive listened to this remix too much and now the game sounds wrong


So, while I'm not one for new year's resolutions an Idea popped up for something to do - AnnoWriMo? focus on one writing project a month. it doesn't have to be a book or 50k words exactly, just buckle down and 'finish' first drafts. Thoughts?


I've worked retail too long. I told my Mom I was going to a shop and she warned me it might be closed for the holiday. "Why would it be a holiday?" I replied, forgetting that normal people would expect to have today off.


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