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I have a Very Important Announcement for ya'll in the comments.


Frosty's gonna be back from his trip soon, the house is a wreck, and I have projects to finish so you know what that means...


Body woke up before dawn for unknowable reasons. Mind reluctantly followed. What am I going to do with all this extra time?


Which game, in your opinion, has the best field music? Aka the best exploration/non-combat BGM?


This uh...this is how you play this game, right?


I really wanna stream some Cowboy Simulator but for some reason the broadcasting app on Xbox renders all shades of grey as straight up inky vantablack. Unless it's well-lit daytime in game its impossible to see. My google skills have failed me tbh.


#waifuWednesday I cannot wait for the Space Invaders crossover event in SinoAlice. Look at this ridiculous thot. Two-toned crocs?!?! Absolute madlad. Pure perfection.


*hears sirens* oh right it must be Wednesday. Time has no meaning. What is days? Why is weeks?


I dealt with a task today that's been hanging over my head like a guillotine for many. many moons. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. But since Frosty isn't here I turn to you for validation. Please praise. Much scary.


Why...why do I have to log in to the server in order to change my brightness level? Why am I getting interrupted in a menu by getting booted out of a server I just took 5 minutes to load into? RDO Pls.


Legit just loaded into a disconnection error for RDO. I think the xbox is trying to tell me something...


My mouse wheel broke. (╥﹏╥) Even after opening it up, giving it a clean and checking for anything obvious, it still won't work. A new mouse is on the way because I never realized just how much I used that damn wheel.


I disassembled my keyboard to deep clean it but I haven't reassembled it yet so I'm using the bt keyboard we normally use on the consoles. Its the first time in years my keystrokes are completely silent & not that comforting, ear-piercing mechanical click


I hate horror games. I hate horror shows. I get jumpscared by my dog walking around at night. So tell me why I'm sitting in a completely dark room about to stream RE3 with Frosty.


Saw this, thought of ya'll. Don't @ me about it.


Hazel (the unibrow squirrel) is going in boxes today. If ya want her, lemme know! Otherwise she goes back into the void whence she came.


Game Idea: a Fallout game but its all radiant quests.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Another candle on the cake but I still feel the way I did on my 18th birthday - slightly confused and not at all like an adult. Keep living deliciously and remember:


I have books in my shopette and I can craft tiny libraries - let me know if you want to come over and get one.


Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit is 10 bucks on DriveThru RPG. Link in the comments.


I would just like to have a moment of appreciation for our boy, Frosty. Mystery Vertigo Weirdness has knocked me on my ass this week and Frosty has gone over the moon to help me feel better. He's not only a nice butt and a pretty face but a beautiful soul


If you annoy someone into walking away from the conversation you did not win the argument. Full stop.


Just got done watching Top Secret (1984) on voice chat with my Pops for Father's Day. Neither of us had seen it before and it was a blast. Highly recommended.


Nevermind. Renaud's back and they're at the sing-song-y level of drunk.


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