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I'm disappointing all my middle school teachers and succumbing to peer pressure. Limo has been pestering me to play Disco Elysium so I'll be streaming it for most of the day - come say hi!


I've got a breeding pair so I've been hoarding Galarian Ponyta. This is how you're supposed to play the game, right?


I've seen what shiny wooloo looks like and now I have a Mighty Need.


Thinking about this a lot.I've cancelled a lot of creative streams&held back from writing qposts or blogs bc I feel like it doesn't "matter". I've had opinions dismissed till I feel like it's pointless post publicly and just keep it to myself & I shouldnt


I'm lovin the new PKMN. I have a couple issues with it, more nitpicky like "I wish background characters were clearer" and "I wish the music didn't sound like a really loud 3ds"I also got my shit kicked by a lvl 15 Roselia that just refused to catch so...


Aiight boyos! Guess what we're doing for a 12 hr stream?! That's right, it's Pokemon Wooloo time.


I could really dig on a Pokémon Rancher game a la slime rancher. Pick your continent, catch & breed your stock, fulfill requests, do tourneys for cash to upgrade and embiggen your ranch. Who's with me?


I would like to co-opt "OK Boomer" for "OK Rando" for dealing with random haters on the internet. Cause sometimes all you can do is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A DQB2 patch finally gave me the option to mute the music...but Spotify won't play because everything is classified as a blocked scene. This feels....passive aggressive.


Big shoutout to @TheBlondeBass for donating to Extra Life! THANK YOU!! He single-handedly got us to our first milestone - a 12 hr stream! Now to figure out what to play....


Extra Life, Movember, NaNoWriMo (+ GamoWriMo), 30 Days of Gratitude, No Sugar, No Nut November...what is it about this month? What November things are you signed up for? I'm playing in Strider's D&Dtoid and raising money for Extra Life via Twitch!


Got my Hydro74 package in today. The only thing I specifically ordered is the patch on the far left - everything else was a single price "grab bag" Holy Shit!! Soo much more than I was expecting and all of it fucking amazing.


The Hunt is on! Return to Yharnam with Limo, Merlo and Frosty as they race against each other and their livers in a boozy playthrough of everyone's favorite Dark Souls. TODAY the 12th! In the afternoon because England is far, far away. LIVE NOW!


Just in time for Return To Yahrnam, the sequel to Drunk Souls has been scheduled! Boozeborne haunts your dreams on October 12th! Featuring Dtoid's own FrostberryJam, TheLimoMaker and friend MerloBraern! Link to the event in the comments!(Witching Hr BUMP)


Or 6AM could not. I'd be fine with that too.


Me: I should really do all these tasks so I can have a nice clean apartment and be ready for winter. Also Me:


I should be cleaning but instead I'm making Frosty some cheesy homemade gifts. 4 days ya'll!! Holy shit I have so much to do.


It's like washing a car - the day I give the dog a bath it rains cats and dogs during our walk.


It feels like a low-power day. Time to play some low-power games.


I wish there was a way to tell the algorithms "Take this off my recommendations/I will never be interested in this thing/creator, I don't care how popular it is" Maybe in the future we'll have our own pet algorithms instead of big corporate ones


Apparently Hyper Light Drifter is getting a tabletop rpg adaptation. I'm intrigued...


Another Saturday, another chance to mine some salt. Link in the comments.


Caravan Stories is honestly cuter than I expected it to be. I might actually play it more, it seems like it would be a good wind-down game.


FFXIV today and Siege tomorrow, unless the poll has an 11th hour turnover. I almost feel bad for not playing all the cool new games, but once October hits...hooboy. Expect a lot of stream events, and maybe even a cblog.


I'm too easily amused by other people's characters.


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