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First Online Wear OS Game - Combat Wear 2

**"Finally, a real smartwatch game"** Playing arcade games and little puzzle games can be a wonderful experience on smartwatches! It does however lack that content that fills a gamers day with joy and fullness. That's where Combat Wea...


The first ever... ONLINE smartwatch pixel art RPG. Loads of freaking content, let me just name off some. 50+ quests, 10+ heroes, upgrade weapons, skills. Build your castle, farm, decorate your house. Tower Defense mode (with heroes). Wear OS ready =)


Before I began my blogging journey, I'd like to tally up all the users that own smartwatches AND which one of you own games on that aformentioned smartwatch.


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My name is Nick, I'm a video game enthusiast, wannabe entrepreneur and a Game Design student. Shortly after writing this post I might be a real entrepreneur, a dude with a Game development degree and still a Video Game Enthusiast. My life revolves around games of all colors and I like philosophy so I hope everyone likes strongly opinionated could be facts.