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I'm certainly not bitter that most around where I live have off today for MLK Day and I had to be in early to clear ice


The sphere grid in Final Fantasy 10 is my favorite leveling mechanic


Someone pounding on the bathroom stall saying "Yo, when you gonna be done?". Don't worry bud, I will scream it from the mountain top when I finish now, so that all can marvel and see what I've done


Thanks to the SNES Classic I'm in a Final Fantasy mood. I'm now working on playing through every Final Fantasy game I own. SNES Classic bringing people together with their fantasies


I cut my finger on a tissue box and bled like a gladiator. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes


My wife will be done with radiation next Friday, which means this cancer stuff will officially be done! Now we pray it never comes back again


Anyone ever fart in the shower while you're lathered up and the fart then in turn smells like a mixture of fart and soap/body wash? No...just me then? Ok this is awkward


Folding fitted sheets is not possible. Accurate depiction of my Sunday night


This SNES Classic thing is just swell


These are the days I wish for a heated toilet seat


Cold. All bodily fluids frozen


The heater at work took a crap right before the -30 degree wind chills. Silver lining, I've heard from some study I possibly just made up, that cold makes you more productive at work


The Spiteful Crow became tame


Time to give this Earthbound game a go


Snes classic has gotten my nostalgia gaming going big time. I can safely say I'd get an n64 classic for sure if they ever make one


Plain old Dere back in action


For my money, still the best Zelda game and one of the best games of all time


I feel like the best way to celebrate the new year is to play Mario RPG and A Link to the Past. Also, getting reacquainted with the toilet is a must


Happy New Year from Eastern Time Zone everyone!


Happy New Year all. Here my GOTY list since everyone else is doing it. 5) RE7 4) Nioh 3) Persona 5 2) Yakuza 0 1) FF 12: The Zodiac Age. You're darn right I picked a remaster. I love it!


Thank you SNES classic I forgot how much I enjoyed Super Mario RPG


A place of prominence next to the PS4. I also may have stayed up too late playing it


I'm playing old school Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. Life cannot get any better right now


It's here! I feel like a kid again!


My wife was able to get me an SNES Classic! Pictures will follow later tonight! Seriously, I have the best wife ever!


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