DeS: PUBG sues Fortnite for copyright infringement
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Have to take some time away from dtoid for a bit. Work, home, and some medical stuff with the wife. Stay classy peeps


Wes gave me 2 faps yesterday instead of his normal 1. I can only assume one was an accidental fapulation


Was having a bad day until I just dropped the deuce of all deuces, now everything is right in the world. Moral of the story, when life gives you crap, take a crap


You know what's crazy? My wife has put up with my crap (pun intended) and my video game love for almost 5 years of marriage. She really is a saint


Ever get a butt cramp? I got one while driving to work this morning. Probably looked quite comical to those who drove by me, but it was a real pain in the ass


Underwear vs. TV dinners...discuss


I'll still be hopeful to hear about an N64 mini in the upcoming months


If an N64 mini is amazingly announced today by Nintendo, they win for me hands down. Also I would need new underpants


I liked a lot of the stuff Sony showed, but overall was very meh on their conference. Also how high was the guy that thought up the change rooms thing?


I had a dream last night I was with Wes. He was wearing a shirt with a taco and red lines through it. He was eating a sub. I said "Why aren't you eating a taco". He said "I actually hate tacos!" And laughed maniacally. He then morphed into Steven Tyler


What are your surprise predictions for E3? My surprise prediction is that Sony and Microsoft will get on stage together and start making out and then touching each other's butts. Meanwhile Nintendo will be off to the side pawing themselves vigorously


I apologize as I'm usually a gentle yet thorough fapper. Recently though I've been a forgetful fapper. I'll try to be better, but know I'm always fapping your posts in my mind


In honor of the loot boxes/microtransactions to be unveiled at E3, I just dropped a deuce


In honor of E3 coming up, I just took a leak


Anyone play Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4? I'm addicted again. Any advice for me? Do you have the expansions?


A well known fact, Torch can't sleep without his minion stuffed friend


Ok, I seriously love video games. I have tons of great games to play, a huge backlog, but I just can't finish a video games. I get like halfway through or so and just quit and start another game. Argh!!!


That PatBateman17 guy is a fun dude. I like seeing him round these parts!


#Truestorytoid. Senior year of college for a one month anniversary I wrote a power ballad for my then girlfriend. I rhymed love muffin with straight huffin' and played it on a keyboard. She broke up with me the next day and started dating my roommate. is back! I should've spruced up my dongish area


I would've preferred Fallout: 69, but hey life is full of disappointment


I've gotten back into Elder Scrolls Online. What have I done?


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