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#confessiontoid on a date once I clogged a girl's toilet and it started overflowing. I didn't tell her and hurried out of her place saying I was sick. She texted me later and said she had crappy water to clean all night. I texted back she had a wrong #


Hot take. I like video games and I have a nice ass


I see faps from Wes and think it's faps from Bass and I get excited. Then I see it's just Wes and disappointment ensues. Everything is always Wes's fault


Bukkake Waffles is back and now Matt Damon showed up. This tingling in my pants has become a loinal inferno


Triss is better than Yennefer. That is all


Freaking Mondays. I think it's a 2 poop kind of morning


Happy birthday dangus taargus. Can I smell your beautiful head of hair?


So what did you all do with the Bloody Baron and his wife and the tree spirit quests in the Witcher 3? I love that quest line and the no real great choice


I have gas and I wish I could share my farts with you all


So I guess the wife and I are going to be home owners. Holy cow that's crazy!


Fun game to play at work on a Monday morning. Fart or shart? No matter what happens, someone wins. To up the ante, eat a gas station burrito and then play it


My poo schedule is all screwed up. Damn you daylight savings time! Guess I'll just have to up the pooing game to get back on schedule


Hardest boss from this weekend's gaming...daylight savings time


Huge spider in the bathroom. The only thing I had around was axe body sprayed. I sprayed the spider and now he won't stop calling me brah and talking about CrossFit


I love reading @Occams comments. I always feel smarter after reading them. I want a hard cover book of some of his conversations here, with the on tape version narrated by Morgan Freeman. Pre order bonus a lock of his hair, maybe pubes? Too far?


It has been the week from hell. But the weekend is almost here. I have multiple dates lined up with my toilet where it is planning to caress and coddle my bum. I can't wait


My wife asked where I'd like to go out to eat once she's feeling better. Something just kind of draws me here. Can't get it out of my head. Hard pressed to find a better place. Slobbering just thinking about it. Place really blows me away


I farted. It sounded like a duck. End of story. You're welcome


I got lost for a couple days but I found my way back folks! What did I miss? I hope it was hot


Hello ladies and gents. I will likely be out of touch for the next few days or so with my wife. Nothing major so no worries. Don't miss me too much and remember me when you fap


I love Occams. One day we will solve JonBenet Ramsey's murder together and celebrate by bathing in the healing waters of Lake Titicaca


What's a game that you loved, but critics and most everyone else hated. Mine was Quest 64. As a young lad, I for some reason loved the game


My coworker was talking about their numerous skin tags today...size, color, area...that's ok, I didn't want to eat my lunch today anyway


First thought of the day..."When did I eat corn?"


First up on the backlog, new bloodborne character with DLC included


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