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I don't think Undertale is that good at all...oh snap! I said it


God EBay is freaking useless. I was looking up lighters and all it gave me was 13,000 matches


I have always said it would be pretty much impossible for me to name my favorite game of all time. But man, gun to my head, I think I would say Final Fantasy XII.


Question for you guys. I don't think we've discussed this here before but, is a hot dog a sandwich?


An accurate depiction of me trying to walk after leg day at the gym (minus the soccer ball)


While at the gym tonight, someone was watching themselves lift in the mirror saying "You like that? Isn't that tasty?". Oh and that someone was me


I'm Dere fon Ronsenburg of Pennsylvania


#Confessiontoid Hanging with a girl in college I ate a block of cheese from her fridge while she was busy. I blamed her housemate. I then farted away the night and blamed the dog. I then exploded in her toilet and left without warning her. I'm not proud


You know what really annoys me? Phantom poops or as some call the ghost poops. You take all that time and effort to take a nice poop and then you get up to admire your work and it's gone. Like I swear I just pooped, or did I imagine the whole thing?


I love FF XII, but I have one complaint...in the first 5 minutes Balthier should kill Vaan and then have graphic sex with Fran


Third time in the past 4 weeks we've had bad flash flooding where I live. Make the rain stop


Final Fantasy 12 is best final fantasy. And Balthier is awesome and Fran is hot. That is all


Almost made it to the weekend. It's been a long and hectic week but we're almost there folks! Can I get a hallelujah?


Guy in the bathroom stall next to me had explosive diarrhea. His explosive sounds though had the beat of club music. I was disgusted, yet I also found myself bobbing my head and pumping my fist to the rhythm


A rhythm rogue like where you have to masturbate and shoot the enemies with your essence. But you hook the controller to your junk to measure your wanking. Now that's a game


Important question: if you eat ketchup on your fries, do you put a pile of ketchup for dipping or do you drizzle the ketchup over the whole fry pile? There is only one correct answer


It's so humid. Thought I've had multiple times this week. "Oh God...who in the hell stinks, oh it smells like a mixture of BO and despair, with a little bit of swamp ass mixed in. Ewww yu...oh wait, that's me"


So I see everyone posting about Hollow Knight recently. Im in a metroidvania mood now. So is salt and sanctuary worth it on ps4 or shoukd i go with something else?


Wife had her first scan done since her cancer treatments ended. Came back with nothing...no cancer, no anomalies. The cancer is officially done!


Those of us with hairy bums really struggle during this heat and humidity


So I'm enjoying final fantasy X2. My parents raised me better than this


You all should go see the new mission impossible. Man was that great!


Seeing Mission Impossible with the wife. Stoked yo


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