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I leave for the night and come back to find you all OWN SIEGE??? It's like I don't even know you anymore


Rainbow Six Siege...Moar like Rainbow Six Shit


Calling for 6-10 inches tomorrow *Insert penis joke, high fives all around*


Man my balls can be so temperamental. Especially the left one. Some might even call it a little teste


Yo Soulbow, The Actual Charlton Heston, and PatBateman17. I think it's time to get our acrobatic routine with serious sexual undertones up and running. Sex sells and the people needs this!


While I appreciate your handiwork whoever you are, please flush your turd next time when you are finished. I'm not a huge fan of someone else's turd staring at me when I enter the stall


I love Flanx. Hope he has a happy birthday. I also wish I had his buff arms


We now return you to your regularly scheduled shit posting


Soulbow got a Siege blog front paged. We'll never hear the end of this. This is the darkest timeline


Get out and vote peeps. Voting is so important to make your voice be heard and try and get this country on the best track possible. I love this country! We need to show it that we care! Voting can make a difference!


I love Thanksgiving! Absolutely love it. I get to see family from all over the country. I also love food! Just remember folks, your Thanksgiving training starts today. It isn't just a one day event peeps


I can't wait to break out my slutty witch costume tonight. I only do it as a show of respect for our Halloween founders


I named my horse Poop in Red Dead. It's a term of endearment


Boss is on vacation for 2 weeks. I'm in charge, which is a scary thought for those involved. Hour long poop breaks for everyone


It's going to be a good day. Just got to rock out to the Pinnacle of music on my way to work. Don't act like this song isn't absolute hotness


Working and then going to the gym instead of playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Being an adult stinks


Red Dead Redemption 2 is the first game I'm imposing a no fast travel restriction on myself. I just freaking love it so much


Red dead redemption 2 continues to get better and better. I'm hooked


Currently unsuccessfully hunting deer in Red Dead 2. It's a Pennsylvania simulator at this time.


It's like my boss knew I was going to take today off. He called off work before I could, so now I have to go work instead of playing Red Dead. Well played


Halloween lunch today. Minimal effort costume, first place medal, loaf of bread. I'm the bread winner in my family


PSA: im sure most of you don't remember, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out tomorrow. You're welcome


My brother tried to throw away his copy of Siege today. Even the garbage man said he wouldn't take that trash


Halloween is the spooky/scary time of year. You know what my biggest fear is? Toilet snakes


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