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This will kill me, but wow is it worth it


Long weekend with the wife. You cats stay crazy and sexy


Our shower is broken so it's a bath tonight. Kind of soothing for a change. Also, you bet your booty I added bubbles! I'm a man and I'll add bubbles if and when I want!


Mondays suck more than The Actual Charlton Heston at an underwear model orgy where their manhoods are covered in hot sauce


Happy birthday Mike! You are one of the biggest reasons this site is the best around. I came for the games and I stayed (and came) for the Mike


FYI you catch more Actual Charlton Heston's with hot sauce than you do with honey


This is going to come as a shock to some folks here, but Soulbow is actually a pretty good guy


Relationship pro tip #2: when your significant other asks "do you think that girl over there is pretty?" don't answer with the obvious no. They'll know you checked them out. Answer that question with a "What girl?"


Relationship pro tip: before getting married or moving in with someone, buy yourself some brand new underwear. Nothing derails a relationship faster than the disappointment your significant other will have seeing your skid marks


Pro tip: when looking at video games and whether or not to buy, I look and see if the game has a toilet anywhere, if it does, does the toilet work/flush? If it doesn't, I can't immerse myself in that world and it's a no buy


Hollow Knight just got spoopy


Just got to the City of Tears in Hollow Knight. This game is officially beautiful and amazing


Accurate depiction of me last night when I realized I had to return to work after vacation


With vacation ending, time to see what the hype is about. Edit: I love this game


It's vacation time folks, see you in a week


That feeling when your boss just keeps wanting to talk to you and you just really need to scratch your balls


Vacation starts at the end of the work day! Can't wait for a week off and a week away


The Yakuza series just gets me. A substory about a dude who's run out of toilet paper. I am their target audience


Did you know they won't let you eat at Pizza Hut without pants? You show me in the bilaws where it says I have to wear pants at the lunch buffet. I thought this was America


The Actual Charlton Heston is the video game journalist I wish I could be. His blogs are always so hard hitting and accurate...it's down right scary


Joke time: Rainbow Six Siege walked into a bar...and nobody played it


If David Duchovny were ever to unfortunately pass away while I'm still around, I will want to bereave


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