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Actual video footage of me trying to give the cat medicine tonight


Spoilers: Bloodstained is a gateway to playing Siege


Ok working through the backlog. Which game should I play next from the log? Borderlands 2, metal Gear Solid 5, or Yakuza 6? Giving Nier Automata a second try is a possibility as well.


Thanks to Kiwami 2 I realize I'd be an amazing cabaret club manager


Green lightsaber is best lightsaber


As someone who doesn't own a Switch, that was an awesome Direct and other game companies should take notes from Nintendo on how to do E3. Good stuff


Reminder,Hey you should all play Siege. It's actually really fun. And you can also play with me and carry me


When you're being taught a new procedure at work, but you're more concerned about that rumbling deep in your tummy, signaling critical mass


I'm back on the yakuza series. Swoon


The mannequin at the department store gave me an erection. I'm only like 32% ashamed


When you return back to work after 4 days off


Going to try and jump back in to black ops 4 tonight. If anyone wants to give it a go let me know


Ehhhh screw it. Time to get back into that Siege


I just took out my storage device from my computer without selecting to eject it. I don't conform to society's norms! You can't tame this wild beast


Anyone play Apex Legends on PS4? Trying to get into it a bit and need a few peeps to carry me


Hey weekly reminder that I've been slacking on, You should play Siege, tis a very fun game, and you can join our DToid group which is always a freaking blast!


Likely starting a new Bloodborne playthrough tonight, with the DLC since I've not done that. Best starting weapon in your opinion...go!


Thanks to Gus I found someone as close as I can find to my twin. My photo is in the comments because I can't get the side by side to work. #VGTwinsies


Happy birthday Torch! I know we give you grief around here, but this site is extremely lucky to have you. Wouldn't be the same without ya man. Just remember, Griffith did everything wrong




I'm planning to start the Devil May Cry series. Sure, keep adding to the backlog Dere


My day so far today...trying to find out who left the turd on the bathroom floor this morning


Wes Taco is the hottest. Change my mind (even though that isn't possible)


Peter Mayhew died. RIP, you made Chewie a huge part of my childhood life, you will be missed.


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