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When I take my afternoon poop, I'm going to think about all you lovely people here and dedicate it to you all. You're all so special to me! Love ya


Ever get a boner thinking about the pizza you're having later? Me freaking too


I came into some money this morning. Good and bad. They wouldn't accept it and Dunkin Donuts and they kicked me out. Also I have a paper cut


Frosty and Renaud are just some really good people. Fun times even with crap groups in Siege


Weekly reminder that you should try Siege and join our DToid group. I'm telling you it's a blast folks


Playing through Dark Souls 2 again. Huh, turns out I really do quite like it. I know it gets lots of flak, but I thoroughly enjoy it


The one problem with my weight loss and getting in better shape is the salad farts. They are not pleasant


@Wes Tacos eats tacos. Like a lot


When life gives you lemons, take a nice healthy dump


So who's playing Siege later tonight with me?


Just saw the Star Wars teaser. I mean it's fun and all but where the hell is Captain Picard???


Current mood: Maybe I don't totally suck at Siege


Replaying Dark Souls with the remastered version . This is a top 3 game of all time for me. It just makes me smile when I play it, even though it can be tough


Soft shell tacos > hard shell tacos


I took my half hour work poop a half hour early and made it a 45 minute poop instead. I'm a rebel




Did you guys know AdmiralAckbong once stopped an out of control train with just the power of his dong? Happy birthday to my boo and an awesome guy!


So it's been awhile, but who's up for some of that there Siege today?


Just got my car back from inspection. Looking good for the most part, but they did say my muffler was exhausted


Limo is my favorite streamer ever


Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart. There's nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the fart


The dreaded phantom poop...I swear I just pooped, but alas, nothing was there to admire


I had poop thrown at me and got farted on. Sekiro game of the year for sure. All seriousness, loving the game so much


This is what happens when Soulbow goes through a G Fuel infused wanking session. The G Fuel filled essense becomes self aware ..and louder


I need more Sekiro!!!


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