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Day dreaming about playing Sekiro. First game that's done that to me in awhile. God I love it


Sekiro has given me even more chest hair and a couple more pubes. Wow what an exhilarating boss battle!


Take that you crazy drunk, fat Ninja dude


Holy cow, I love Sekiro


Good lord Sony...I should've just been wanking it instead. I should've known to go with my gut instinct


Anyone up for some siege today? Could use a break from Sekiro


Even though Sekiro is different than Souls/Bloodborne, it has put me back in the mood. I just may have to go back and play through DS 1-3 and Bloodborne again after this


Going to be hard pressed to find a game I like better than Sekiro this year...love it


I'm going to play with my dingy and play Sekiro, thx.


It's been a rough day so let's do some #pettoid to make this day end on a high note


I get all the ladies


Time to make an irresponsible decision..*entering credit card information to order Sekiro, knowing darn well I shouldn't be buying a brand new game now*


Happy day after St Patrick's Day folks or as I like to call it Happy Why the hell was I in to work at 600am on a Monday Day


Anyone up for some Siege later?


When you're looking for the bio container and you realize they have a Mozzie


Video game line I'm now using to let my wife know I'm down "Insertion in 10 seconds". It hasn't really worked too well yet


Who's up for some sexy siege action later?


Nice to see Qtoid is working again. Next time don't let Wes near the servers on Bunny day. Things will be a lot less sticky


So I have a huge backlog of games and instead I'm just playing Final Fantasy XII again. Not sorry


Siege? Siege.


I think drunken Siege sounds like a plan for tonight


Anyone up for some Siege action tonight?


#communityshoutout to Frostyflakes. I hadn't interacted with him too much until recently, but yo he's pretty freaking cool and a seriously nice guy. Plus he holds my hand and doesn't judge me for sucking at Siege. He's a freaking awesome guy!


No one can tell how many times I'm fapping things right now. I can mess up all of your 69s and you'll never know it! Mwahahahaha


Ok sooooo Siege is my second favorite FPS multiplayer game of all time. You all should play it


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