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Anyone have Black Ops 4 for the PS4? I need a playing buddy later this afternoon


I don't have time to write a blog, but here is my top 5 GOTY: 1. Spider-Man 2. Hollow Knight 3. God of War 4. Red Dead Redemption 2 5. Ni No Kuni 2... I just adored Spider-Man folks. Loved it so much


Working my way through assassin's creed Odyssey first on my trip through my backlog. It's really a good game


The next DLC Smash character


I wrote a blog for the first time in quite awhile. I'm pretty happy with it. My first and only shill for this super important blog


Words of Caution

I have to speak up folks and make sure people don't make a horrible decision.  A life altering decision that you can't take back.  Something that could ruin you.  Obviously I'm talking about Siege.  Don't buy it fol...


I have my backlog mapped. I vow to clear my backlog! I won't touch myself until this is done...more than once a day!


I'm trying to get a life size bust of Charlton Heston to set up right near my toilet. I unfortunately can't get his chisled chin or dong correct. Need help!


Merry early Christmas everyone. Here's my cock shot for you. You're welcome!


This is directly from Torch's screen saver. I think it's time for an intervention peeps


#Gustoid I made a song about a burrito last night. Well if I'm being honest, it's more a rap


I just purchased Hotline Miami 1 and 2 for cheap on the PS flash sale....I'm weak


God almighty, why can't Soulbow just masturbate to Big tittied tentacle anime porn like the rest us?


I don't have anything witty to say today. I'm tired. Sooooo...don't play Siege people, it's poop.


Yearly reminder, it's up the rooftop reindeer pause, not up on the rooftop reindeer paws


My nuts roasting near an open fire, ball sweat nipping at your nose


Last Christmas I gave you my fart, but the very next day you air freshened it away. This year, to save me from tears, I'm farting on someone special


Damn other reindeer wouldn't let me join in any reindeer games. Jokes on them, I pooped in their trail mix


Bourbon hangover. Awesome Thanksgiving!


Happy turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes!


Limo carried me in Black ops 4 blackout...good times...he's good people


So I took a dump on a Siege disk the other day and realized it was the best bowel movement I've ever had


Thanksgiving PSA: don't wank it in the mashed potatoes. Unless they need more salt and you already have an erection anyway


It's Thanksgiving week, USA style. The week that I was bred for. I am the perfect being created to destroy Thanksgiving meals. Bring it on!


I leave for the night and come back to find you all OWN SIEGE??? It's like I don't even know you anymore


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