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That feeling when your boss just keeps wanting to talk to you and you just really need to scratch your balls


Vacation starts at the end of the work day! Can't wait for a week off and a week away


The Yakuza series just gets me. A substory about a dude who's run out of toilet paper. I am their target audience


Did you know they won't let you eat at Pizza Hut without pants? You show me in the bilaws where it says I have to wear pants at the lunch buffet. I thought this was America


The Actual Charlton Heston is the video game journalist I wish I could be. His blogs are always so hard hitting and accurate...it's down right scary


Joke time: Rainbow Six Siege walked into a bar...and nobody played it


If David Duchovny were ever to unfortunately pass away while I'm still around, I will want to bereave


Dtoid, grant me the strength to get through Friday. Friday at 400 pm my vacation will start and I will be out of work for a full week! Help DToid, you're my only hope


Just beat Spider-Man. That is my game of the year. Just wow. Awesome game. I need that sequel yesterday!


I've been going to the gym and dieting for about 6 weeks now. Lost about 12 pounds and a lot of my love handles. It's time to move on to the more advanced exercises


I'm going to buy a used Xbox One for cheap just so I can not buy Siege for it. Soulbow owned!


Guess it's time to stop playing Spider-Man. Sorry it's sideways


Back to work today. But how can I go 10 hours without playing Spider-Man?


For those playing Spider-Man what's your suit of choice?


Spider-Man has passed God of War as my GOTY. I absolutely love it


I never want to stop playing Spider-Man


This Spider-Man game...it's special folks


About two hours in and I love Spider-Man. This may become my GOTY. It's just so good


So I had to work today instead of staying home and playing Spider-Man. I also now have a flat tire that needs fixed. But I just want to go home and play Spider-Man. It calls to me!


What my wife got me for my birthday. This is beautiful


14 hour day and our building is getting inspected with a fine tooth comb, so yeah...uh happy birthday to me I guess


So I may hold off on playing Spider-Man. I'm kind of loving Okami


What a week. Been working long days getting ready for our building inspection Thursday. Not the best way to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, but hey, I'll make up for it with copious amounts of Spider-Man this weekend.


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