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Today is my work Thanksgiving lunch. So do I show restraint in front of my co-workers or do I go full on Pacman on that turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes? Decisions, decisions


Happy Monday all. 3 days is all that separates me from a 4 day Thanksgiving weekend


I just posted my dumbest blog ever. You're welcome!


Piling On

So have you guys heard about the whole lootbox thing?  Holy hell fun times!  So, far be it from me to keep piling on.  I mean would I seriously be deranged enough to jump on this lootbox train?  You bet your sweet b...


Good times tonight. Salute to my brothers in arms, Wes, Gamemaniac, and Guerrilla. We may suck, but we suck together


I realize with all these birthdays, lots of parents around here were seriously doing it...hardcore for Valentine's Day


@GetNekkid was talking about Fortnite Battle Royale and I'm kinda addicted now. Anyone else play on ps4?


Thanksgiving tip: don't fill up on bread and water. Bread is just empty calories and water takes up space. Focus on what really matters, turkey, stuffing, gravy, and dessert


Mondays...like getting a paper cut and then spilling acid all over it...while you have diarrhea


Steve from Stranger Things has become pretty bad ass


Time to start campaigning now for the Destructoid Community Excellence Awards...best couple, Dere and toilet


You know it's going to be a good day when Matt Damon shows up and your bathroom stall is free and clean


Woke up to find Gajknight is back! It's a good day!


Hey guys, I survived poopgate 2017! Also happy birthday to Flanx and his pythons of power


How ironic that the toilet is going to be the death of me today


Current status: Oh the humanity. Single handedly keeping toilet paper manufacturers in business the last 8 hours


I think it's time for another Bloodborne play through, with the DLC this time


Happy Friday folks. Another 6 hours and freedom to poop where I please for the next 2 days


Posted my cblog recap with your AMA answers, including who I'd take with me treasure hunting.


Happy birthday to my fellow new cblog recapist. Make it a good one Mr. Churros. Love you man


Thanksgiving tip of the day: start training your stomach now, you may think it's only a one day event, but the lead up is just as important. Amateurs wait for the day of


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