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I missed this a week or so ago. Been a member here for a year now. Thanks to all for putting up with me and making me feel at home. I credit you all for getting me through this past year. I look forward to the upcoming year here


24 hours until that sweet Star Wars time. I haven't been this giddy since I was 12 and learned the big boy potty


All I want for Christmas is 69 faps to give on qtoid...is that too much to ask


Roy Moore isn't too upset, he's got a sweet gig as the mall Santa to fall back on


Trying to avoid Star Wars reviews and spoilers until I see the movie Friday. I need to invest in a sensory deprivation bubble


This time of year is just too crazy busy. Work and life both. I am exhausted already


Hey guys, just an FYI next month I'm having the Dere experience. I won't show any new game information but I'll show old trailers from YouTube and continuously pat myself on the back over 2 hours. Self congratulation and old trailers to the max


I'm doing Christmas shopping for the wife tonight. If I find one, wives like SNES Classics right? Also they like frozen steaks I've heard


My fly broke at work. Luckily I wore my red underpants. You know Christmas and festive and all that. It's how our forefathers would've wanted it


So I have a pine allergy all of sudden. Due to grass, pollen, and now pine, plants in general are my mortal weakness. They will write ballads about me some day


Hey Star Wars in another week. Already got my tickets...I'm not like excited or anything


We now have Twix bars in our vending machine! Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!


All I want for Christmas is more time...and maybe some beer


Scored a -14 in the Everybody's Golf final. Was hoping to get a couple strokes better. Darn


I think Booberry is better than Count Chocula and Frankenberry...my parents would be so ashamed


Friendly reminder that Up on the Housetop actually goes "Up on the housetop reindeer pause" and not "Up on the housetop reindeer paws."


Question to everybody's golf players. Do you think -14 will be enough to get past the qualifying round of the international tournament?


This day was interesting from the start. Woke up at 400am with an intense migraine. In my fogginess I grabbed what I thought was headache medication, turns out it was fiber pills. Headache was still bad, but boy was I darn regular this morning


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