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My personal favorite


Got my first part of the Covid vaccine. Not too bad. Arm hurts, bit of a headache, and had weird dreams last night. I actually had a dream that Torch was right about something.*shudders*


Yearly reminder that Final Fantasy XII is the best Final Fantasy and a top game of all time


Happy wholesome Friday. Here's Sean Astin with an otter


Haven't finished it yet, but Like a Dragon is my GOTY for 2020


Going to ring in the new year the best way, playing Like a Dragon


Ran out of toilet paper so started using lettuce. Today was just the tip of the iceberg, tomorrow romaines to be seen


Like a Dragon is so freaking good


I am quite enjoying Code Vein. It's no Dark souls, but still quite good


On to the Stormblood portion of Final Fantasy XIV. I've been ripping this game a new one the past few months.


Posted this before. But this gif pretty much sums up my feeling on politics of any kind at this point




Another year closer to 40. Existential dread +50


Time to gush about Final Fantasy XIV some more. Gush gush gush. Probably my second favorite final fantasy game right now


Sleep, eat work, ffxiv


Sorry about that Zelda pun earlier. It was pretty bad. I just woke up at Midna last night and felt I had to share it


I was gonna make a Zelda pun but I didn't want to tri and force it


I've pretty much been playing Final Fantasy XIV or reading strategies on Final Fantasy XIV the past week plus. It's been great


Thank God for final fantasy 14. I needed this game at exactly this time


I've pretty much been doing nothing but playing the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV the past few days. What an extensive trial. Good times


Down the divinity original sin 2 rabbit hole I go


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