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Haven't been around much. Been very busy. I'm still alive. Been playing Rocket League and Siege with friends and waiting for Elden Ring. Reminder FF12 is the best FF and a top game of all time. Poop


I want to be cool


Holy cow Cyberpunk 2077 has some serious jank to it. I've seen quite a few bugs, people falling through the world, and it gets pretty stinking repetitive. But damn if I'm not really enjoying the dumb game


It's October, time for me Resident Evil series playthrough (The games I own that is). The best time of the year.


Tales of Arise is some darn good anime gaming


Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone


Living my best life, playing yakuza on my birthday


So as someone that generally doesn't love rogue like games, granted I don't hate them...just generally feel they're ok, do you think there's a decent chance for me to really enjoy Hades?


Just popping in to remind everyone Final Fantasy 12 is the best Final Fantasy and one of the best games ever


I like Capcom


I will eat meat products until I explode today. To celebrate the troops obviously. Remember, it's a marathon and not a sprint


RE Village is likely my GOTY. Ranks right behind Remake 2 and Remake in my RE rankings. So good


Man time just flies by playing RE Village. So freaking good


45 minutes into RE Village and it is everything I hoped it would be and more


It's Resident Evil Village day! I can play it in about 8 hours


Tomorrow at 500pm I will get to play this bad boy. I wish I could explain how excited I am. I'm a 35 year old that feels like a 7 year old on Christmas Eve


RE Village got a 9 here. Give it to me now


A lot of important and topical stuff on qtoid today. But really, the most important thing is who keeps ruining all the posts I fap to 69? (nice)


Limo is right. Disco Elysium is amazing. I've not played anything like it


The Demon's Souls Remake is something special. I am in love


My cat approves


I'm continually amazed at how good Persona 5 Strikers is. Blasphemous to say, but in some ways I'm actually enjoying it more than Persona 5


Persona 5 Strikers is pretty tasty. Really quite enjoying it. Persona really fits with that type of game play


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