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Time to get back to wholesome Qtoid instead of confrontation. #pettoid!


Spicy take for Torchman. Majora's Mask is overrated. Not a top 5 Zelda game for me. Twilight Princess is however better than Majora's Mask and a top 5 Zelda game


My spicy opinions. Horizon zero Dawn is just meh, Perfect Dark is way better than Goldeneye and should be considered a top 3 FPS of all time, Undertale is only a 6/10. Kinda boring


I downvote myself so you don't have to


#Pettoid something wholesome to get you through your Monday. Bump for you later day dtoiders


Spider-Man on the PS4 may be a top 5 game all time for me. It's definitely top 5 most fun video game


Fiiiiine "With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man"


The 45 minute Friday work poo to get you closer to the weekend is best poo.


Time to replay Spider-Man with all the dlc. My GOTY from 2018. Love it so much


I know we give him a lot of grief, but Soulbow is an awesome guy. Love the guy and it's a better place with him here. Happy birthday Soulbow


Really loving Death Stranding


Playing The Fallen Order which I love, then I just got Death Stranding so I'll be playing that next. Good gaming ahead of me. Bump: played a bit of Death Stranding last night. I am really going to like this one!


It's still Christmas here, so Merry Christmas everyone. My wife got me The Fallen Order. I love her so much


Christmas is almost here. Time to take an extra long work dump in celebration


Last Christmas I gave you my fart but the very next day you pooed it away


My review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It was definitely a movie I saw


I been Warframed


Might give that there Warframe another chance


Wow, I kind of like The Division 2


The game awards taking a page out of my sex life. Ending with awkward disappointment


RE3 remake April 3 2020. Going to need that, yes please. RIP wallet Spring 2020


Continuing down the rabbit hole...Trails of Cold Steel 2 up next


I pooped this morning! Be jealous


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