DeS: Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie demoted from Cloud9s LoL roster
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#selfietoid. Sure why not? Mirror mirror near the crapper, who's the whitest one of the fappers


Yo real talk folks. I've been reading this book about anti gravity, it's so good. I literally can't put it down


Been watching a documentary on beavers. I have to say, it's the best dam documentary I've ever watched


It's hot outside according to my car. In fact I don't think it can get any hotter...oh yeah


It's time for an office intervention. An intervention where I explain if this continues, I will pray to the toilet Gods and call forth hemorrhoids to afflict the bum of those responsible!


Hard hitting question peeps. Do you eat Mac and cheese with a fork or spoon?


I'm freeeeeeeee, free ballin'! Yeah I'm freeeeeeeee, free ballin'!


Did you guys ever notice that the weekend always falls at the end of the week...mind blown!


We all need, somebody to pee on. Pee on me, when you're not strong


Single faps everywhere, I sense Wes's crotch is around here somewhere. It's my sixth sense


We built this city....we built this city....we built this city on sausage rolls


Who gets sick in the summer? This guy. Seriously, being miserably sick in the 90 degree heat is awful you guys remember that one time, that thing happened? Man that was funny


In a world where crime bosses wife's are vain and don't want to lose their figure, Lara Croft is being pursued by two separate crime syndicates in hopes of kidnapping her to become the surrogate mother for their hot wives. Lara Croft Womb Trader


It's hot, I'm lazy, so I'm posting a lot today. Do you guys think an N64 classic will be released this year? 2019? Later? Not at all?


I'm torn between trying to get an NES classic or continuing with my baseline indifference


Holy cow this last week. So hot. It's been hotter than Charleton Heston's loins in the Luxembourgian Backstreet Boy butt plug museum


Yo real talk peeps. My problem with sex on a pool table would be I'd constantly feel like I'm getting felt up


What's a fairly recent game that most everyone thinks is bad, but you can't help but enjoy? Mine is Mafia 3. For some reason I just thoroughly enjoy that game


Want to hear something sexy? It's 95 degrees with high humidity here. I could currently wring out my underwear and fill my mopping bucket


Hi. Thanks for keeping the toilet seat warm


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