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At a work conference for the next couple days and living in style


Hey guys I just saw @Hypno and his business are up and running again for anyone interested


I'm in the mood for something healthy to eat. I need to get in shape


I'll eat off a toilet for an SNES classic


I can't wait to not be able to find an SNES classic


Just remember, even though Wes is 1000s of miles away for awhile, he's looking up at that same sky thinking about us


I did give in and I got Furi. I love it already, but I need to git gud


Have just a little money to spend. Looking at possibly getting Furi...should I take the plunge?


I have a conference for work to go to next week. This is one of the classes I have. Wonder why I picked this one?


Happy Friday everyone. Love you all. The wife has decreed I will get some major house cleaning done this weekend. Hope you have a productive Friday and weekend too!


To our new Canadian brethren, I need a signed photo of William Shatner, a 15 lb vat of maple syrup, a life size cut out of Celine Dion, and a moose....for reasons that are my own


We had one less hot day and now we are back to ball sweat and swamp ass. If that doesn't turn you on, nothing will


I miss Isay Isay. He really, truly was my inspiration when I started here. I strived to be his understudy


I'd join in this cutetoid thing but I can't post a picture of my penis...what if I class it up a bit and put a top hat on him?


Petition to Enthusiast Gaming to make Wes like tacos again


Had a civil, good natured argument with my brother today and I'd like to take a poll. Which do you like better, Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim? I was tempted to say Oblivion, but I went with Morrowind.


So can I still be the creepy, punny guy in this new/old community? You know the creepy guy in the corner that mumbles random puns to himself while his hand is in his pants and he's eating peanut butter out of the jar with a fork. You know the guy


I know I shouldn't, but I get very protective of this place when people rip it. This has been the most trying year of my life and everyone here has been there for me. This is my second home and you all are now part of my family


Petition to Enthusiast Gaming to bring sexy back


Here is my lamb blanket I mentioned in my blog. It's my gaming blanket I use when I get cold. I'm 12 going on 32 but it's warm and I'm getting old


I wrote a new blog. Check it out. Or don't. But if you do, read some of the other good stuff over there


I guess that Wes Russow guy can stay. He's starting to grow on me. Like a fungus


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