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Thanks to Larx for this amazing creation


Not a bad way to start the day ( I feel like a kid again). Also as an adult man, the hardest things I've ever done...poke a straw through these bad boys and fold a fitted sheet


Sooooo Uncharted freaking good


Also thanks to Dtoid this happened. Now my dilemma of playing Nioh or Bloodborne after Uncharted 4


I like traveling and going places but nothing is better than the warm and loving embrace of your own toilet


Great day. Riding roller coasters and water rides for work today


Did I really expect anything else than for notification of the SNES classic to come while I'm sleeping. Oh well, I have my awesome PS4 now so all is good :)


First impressions on the PS4...I had an Xbox One why again? Dtoid has turned me into a PlayStation guy. Also would like you PSN names


Need some PlayStation friends! Give me your names. I'll check this later. If I did my sign up correctly ( no guarantee I did), mine is NumberPun but there is an underscore between Number and Pun. Bump


For the first time in my gaming life, I will become a PlayStation gamer tomorrow. Thank you again Destructoid. Love you all more than words can say


Wife's birthday today. She's a pretty cool wife. Let's do everything she wants to do today


Nice hot dog is a sandwich story. Vindication!


Delicious and artery clogging. Well worth it


I will have steak tonight...and it will be good


Got some crotch shots texted to me tonight. I have arrived


So I'm out of the multiplayer loop. What would be something good to play with you fine dtoiders online with a PS4?


Raiku is one of the coolest guys I know and he started this thing and you guys went with it. I love you all. I will also need all your PS names when I get online!


I want to thank the whole Dtoid community again. You guys are my family whether you like it or not. This whole gesture has now marked probably the 5th time I have she'd a tear in my adult life. I will cherish this gift forever. Special thanks to Raiku


I defy you to find a better way to start the day, than a nice, healthy poop


Was having a bad day today. Had to rush out of work to get my wife. Chemo really effected her today and she isn't feeling too good. Came home to find that you guys are the best community. I know it sounds trite, but I love you all so much


I could be at home playing Final Fantasy 12, but instead I'm at work with my 54 year old boss who is insisting on listening to the same 5 Fallout Boy songs on repeat...someone call for help


Sorry I can't shut up about FF 12. I love it. Everything. The setting is amazing. The story is intriguing. I love the characters, minus Vaan. Balthier is one of my favorite video games character. Reminds of Han Solo. I'm in love with this game.


Zodiac Age makes me really want a PS4


I had a dream last night I had a bionic arm. Then I woke up. Life is full of disappointments


There's no I in team, but there is one in penis. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it must mean something


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