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I love meat lovers pizza. Pizza plus meat sweats...it's the dream really. I don't envy the toilet afterward though


Something about that Friday afternoon poop...it just feels right


I just want to say thank you to the mods for all you do. Without you guys Dtoid wouldn't be as special as it is. You guys work your butts off and deserve so much respect. Occams is also probably the coolest person that isn't my wife I've ever known.


NSFW = No sexy for Wes


The Evil Within 2 is an uneven, messy, confused about what it wants to be kind of game. And I'm loving every minute of it


#Communityshoutout to Larx. Larx is seriously one of the funniest, nicest, and just all around best people I've had the pleasure of knowing. He's also covering for my recap slot again this week which is amazingly helpful. It's an honor knowing you


I'm back boys and I've been infected with spooky


Starting tomorrow I will be taking some time away from the site. Hopefully only a couple days or a week, as my wife will be having surgery, unless it gets postponed. Please don't burn the place down while I'm gone


Got my tickets for Episode 8: The Last Jedi. It isn't the Thursday night showing, but a Friday evening showing. I am so freaking pumped!


I need Star Wars: The Last Jedi inside me right now!


Call me crazy but I'm looking forward to The Evil Within 2 this week


Wore this new tie to work. It's probably my favorite tie. Side note, you can literally call these TIE fighters now...badum tsss


Trying to get my pun posting in early this week as I'll be taking some time away from the site. Hopefully only a week or so away. Time for some power puns!


Happy Friday and happy weekend. May your poops be pleasant and plentiful


I got to the point where I stopped ff 12 when I was younger. Just got my first Esper. It's all fresh and new from here on out...Schwing!


I'm scared. I'm allergic to bees


So as I'm playing Zodiac Age I just keep thinking, how did we go from this wonderful game, to FF 13??


Happy anniversary to me!


Beautiful day and my anniversary with the wife of my life is today. Married life definitely agrees with me and I love that woman more than anything!


My opinion for what it's worth, FF 12 Zodiac Age is best FF


Oh my word. I cannot describe to you all how much I love FF 12: The Zodiac Age. I just can't describe it. It would not do justice to how much I love it


Guilty pleasure: Fuller House. I ain't even ashamed yo


Has anyone ever gotten a random Game Informer magazine in the mail? I got one today and I never got a subscription so I'm a bit confused...


I've got the hankering to play some Zodiac Age. Time to scratch that itch


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