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Just because I have a cold doesn't mean I'm not ready for some hamburgers and hot dogs and other cookout assortments


This snot monster I've been given, has way too much power. It has to be stopped before it attains world dominance


I caught the spring time cold bug...there's just so much snot


I've found that as I'm bored at work, my shitposting and pun posting increases ten fold


Take a deep breath. It's hump day and we will get through this week


Just got back from 2 hours of my favorite activity. No it isn't video games or porn. Tennis....I freaking love tennis


Awkward I love you snack vendor was in today. He and his fiance have set a date for their wedding. It's all so real now...right in the feels.


My father has been declared cancer free by his doctors! He will continue to get frequent tests to make sure it doesn't come back, but holy cow what great news! Now to get the wife better


4 total hours sleep this weekend....going to be a long Monday


I feel like I'm finally a man on Destructoid! Someone questioning why I took the time to write my Xbox One blog and questioning why it was front paged....I love it!

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We are out of beer...and I can't make a refill run


Since money is at a premium right now I partook in the backward compatible sale and got a game for 5 bucks. Shadows of the Damned. Definitely not the best game ever, but it is quite fun and enjoyable


Happy weekend everyone! Remember, while you're picturing me naked, I get to see the real thing every day


Gotta love it when your wife calls and says she feels horrible after her treatment yesterday and is going home sick, the boss asks me "Do you really need to go home? Won't she be fine for a couple hours?" Sorry bro, wife is top priority


5 days ago it was 40 it is 94 degrees. Go home Pennsylvania, you're drunk


I hath written a blog. Check it out if you can and check out some other blogs while you're there too. Some good stuff over there


Not What the Doctor Ordered

I think I can assume everyone has their ups and downs.  Everyone gets sick now and then.  You just don't feel right.  When it gets too bad, your friendly neighborhood doctor gives you some pills and hopefully everything ...


Man one of the things I love around here that I wish got some more love was the cblog section. Just some really good stuff over there. I wish people got some more recognition for that. If you don't frequent the cblogs, hop over, read and give some love


So how is Specter Knight? I just got his campaign on my One


It was about a year ago that I started creeping around here. Watching you from a dark corner and fondling you all with my mind. The rest is history


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