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I am pixelated! Thanks to Dangus Taargus. He's such a Dangus Taargus


Been busy this weekend. Just wanted to stop in to say penis


I can't stop playing Yakuza 0. Don't send help, just wanted to let you all know


I did my first Bloggers wanted Cblog. Woot!


Schooled: How The Legend of Zelda Helped Me Read

I know there were and still are video games out there that are made for the purpose of teaching.  Teaching children math, teaching them reading, or teaching them that life is full of disappointment.  Be that as it may, one ga...


My boss is off today and left early yesterday with "bad gas". Welcome to my life bro. I'd never work if I took off for bad gas


Yakuza 0 taught me I should only show my underwear to people I really care about


I thought we were done with swamp ass season...turns out we are not and it is back with a vengeance. Well played Mother Nature


That's rad!


I feel like Yakuza 0 was just made for me. Love it. Wish I had been playing others in the series before this!


Guys I have a problem...I'm now addicted to Yakuza. I can't believe I've lived without this series for this long. I am having more fun with 0 than any game I can remember in recent history. I need more of this game and series. Just wow!


1596 hot take: John Harington made the greatest invention known to man...the flushing toilet. It is to this day the best invention ever. Period


How's your day going? I split my pants doing an exercise class with residents at work. Silver lining, I wore my good underwear that cover both my cheeks.


I'm really not 100% sure what's going on in Nioh, but wow do I love this game any way!


I had left over buffalo chicken dip for lunch and then had a meeting with our big boss this afternoon. I let a silent one slip and it smelled like buffalo chicken. The boss had that wrinkled nose look. I blamed it on the bathroom being close by


It's nice to have something to look forward to every Wednesday. Love being on the recap team. The A Team as you will. We are an all star team!


It's great to see Isay Isay back!


Really enjoying Nioh. It's similar to Dark Souls, but also very different. The gameplay feels really nice and I love the setting. The story is a bit meh so far, but I'm still really quite enjoying it.

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Momisms and Mom Thoughts on Gaming

[It's that time yet again for 'Who Let the Blogs Out,' our series of highlighting blogs we might have missed the first go around. In this entry, Dere discusses his mom's very definite mom-isms as she does her best to encourage and comprehen...


Woot woot Kevlarmonkey is the man!


#communityshoutout @absolutfreak. You are always a nice guy and very considerate. Even when you disagree you are respectful. You also know your stuff about video games. Glad to know you and hope you and absolutwife keep up the awesome!


Happy Friday everyone. I love you all like family. The hot, but creepy cousin. You know the one


I love Persona 5 but I'm starting to burn myself out on it. Plus I really want to try Nioh


First CBlog recap done! Hopefully not too bad


Happy birthday Fuzunga! Thanks for all your video game knowledge you throw at us!


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