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I didn't know Wes was moonlighting at Taco Bell


Holy crap...there was just an Isay Isay sighting and he commented on one of my comments! Ok, this day has become best day!


I just realized Larx is now on the cblog recap team! My day is now complete!


I now understand the term explosive diarrhea...oy


Anyone else have the problem that as you get close to the end of a game, you just don't have the gumption to finish it? Even if I like a game, I run into that problem more often than not


As much as I've complained about my job, I have to say I'm quite happy today. I met with the manager here and he gave me a pretty significant raise based on how much I've been doing around here. Good day!


I could easily eat cheese every meal of every day


Ok pet peeve time. You don't need to say Irregardless, the word regardless will suffice


I helped a 70 year old resident here hook up and set up a Switch. I now have a new favorite person. Wonder if I can spend my week in their apartment?


Did some side work this weekend for some extra money. Helped with some home renovations for an acquaintance. I am hot and exhausted, but got some extra money which was needed. Now back to real work Monday...


It's a hundred degrees and you wonder what that smell is and realize it's yourself


Let's talk about the real issue here. Did you guys see the delts on Wes, DaddyZ, Ein, Absolutfreak, samhain, bukkakewaffles and that Dere guy? Hubba hubba!


Insomnia sucks ass. Binging Netflix since sleep eludes me


Weekend is almost here everyone! Just remember, don't take yourself or life too seriously. But don't take your life for granted either. Do the things you like and spend all the time you can with the people you love and care about


Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington died. Just wow


I love being married and I love my wife, but shopping for tampons for your wife is not in the marriage brochure or in our vows as far as I remember


Holy cow what a long and boring day. Productive though as I changed our WiFi network name to "2 chicks, 1 router".


The Wes Russow 1 fap is like a swift kick to the nads


Boss is off again and I'm in charge


Nothing like killing someone with kindness to make them be quiet


Things are looking up at work this afternoon


Boss is out today so I finished a blog I've been working on. Check it out if you have time. Please check out some other blogs if you're over there. Some great stuff on the Cblogs as usual


Momisms and Mom Thoughts on Gaming

I love my mother.  She's a pretty awesome lady.  Growing up, she did her best to keep things sane in a household with 2 boys that gave everyone a run for their money, a daughter that constantly pushing the boundaries of what ...


Thanks to Angie, I now have my gif for when I annoy you all with my groan worthy puns. I am adopting her into my family!


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