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Lady at work said it looked like I was losing weight. Well darn it, I've been carefully cultivating this middle age dad (not a dad)bod for the past 5 years


It was a rough weekend and now it's starting out as a bad Monday. But I just had one of my best poops in recent memory and now I know everything will be OK


16 and 17 year olds winning gold medals for their country. Whereas I at 32 get winded walking up stairs or rigorously tying my shoes. No applause needed, I don't do it for the accolades


My grandfather always warned me about communists taking over the world, never printers though


Back doing my Thursday cblog recap after a weeks hiatus. I couldn't let Larx have all the fun


#worstvalentinesday. In college I sat outside my secret crushes apartment and serenaded her with a Nickelback ballad. Found out later she was banging my suite mate while I sat outside serenading her. He thanked me the day after for inspiration.


Happy Valentine's Day all. Sorry to everyone out there but my wife is my Valentine this year. Thankful to be lucky enough to find someone like her that can stand all my craziness and love me anyway. I do still love you all as well!


I took a nap and dreamt of an N64 Classic. I need to change my pantaloons now


Apparently today is Fat Tuesday...or as I like to call it, Tuesday


Took my first bathroom break of the day and realized my fly has been down all this time


2 truths, 1 lie. 1) One of my first cars I owned was pink and friends and family nicknamed it "Pepto Power". 2) I've eaten deer testicles. 3) started meteorology club in high school with tag "Making it rain, weather you like or not". Answer in comments


You know what makes going back to work on Monday even better? Hershey squirts. Work toilet, you're my only friend


Say what you will, I love me some Bioshock 2


Because I must still be 12 in reality, I giggle whenever I hear firmware


Playing through the Bioshock games again. Man do they hold up well. Love them so much!


Been having bad insomnia recently. So instead if sleeping I was having stupid thoughts last night such as, "If they could, they should set up a penal colony on Uranus...teehee"


I appear to have lost the TV remote...seems like a good excuse to get a new TV to me


My swagger has a new swagger


Heavy snow and ice...going to be a long day at work


Got to play some Rocket League with Dango and Luckrequired. Really good guys, would play again!


4-8 inches and it's going to be heavy and wet...just how I like it (Imagine James Franco winky gif here)


Philadelphia Eagles, Super bowl champions! Nice ring to it


About that time. Fly Eagles Fly


It's Superbowl weekend. An excuse for me to impress my wife by eating way too much meat and cheese and other assorted foods that give me gas. Also Fly Eagles Fly!


#shoutouttoid shout out to LaTerry. Always makes me laugh, always considerate to everyone here, and he knows a ton about video games. Great person to have in this community!


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