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Just heard on the weather we could have thunderstorms with wet microbursts today. Side not, Wet Microbursts was the name I danced under during college


Reminder: Final Fantasy 12 is a top 5 game of all time


Thanks for all the birthday wishes Dtoid. This place is like family...like the creepy cousin that's really weird but kind of hot and deep down you'd like to see naked even though you know it's like 80% wrong


Cleaning cat puke first thing in the morning. Happy birthday to me!


Guess I'll be starting Final Fantasy 8 tomorrow


Control may be my personal GOTY as of now. Crazy as that sounds for a game that wasn't really on my radar


Control is sooooo good folks


Cookies in cream is best ice cream


Monday morning poop is the best part of Monday


I like cheese


If Wes is happy, I'm horny


Thank you Sega!


Judgment may be my game of the year. Freaking love it so far




Remember that time you thought White Orchard was the whole map?


Chest hair on a man = hot. Chest hair on a woman = erection forever


Had a dream about The Actual Charlton Heston. This is the summary of said dream in one gif


Back to this as my current mood


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