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On to the Stormblood portion of Final Fantasy XIV. I've been ripping this game a new one the past few months.


Posted this before. But this gif pretty much sums up my feeling on politics of any kind at this point




Another year closer to 40. Existential dread +50


Time to gush about Final Fantasy XIV some more. Gush gush gush. Probably my second favorite final fantasy game right now


Sleep, eat work, ffxiv


Sorry about that Zelda pun earlier. It was pretty bad. I just woke up at Midna last night and felt I had to share it


I was gonna make a Zelda pun but I didn't want to tri and force it


I've pretty much been playing Final Fantasy XIV or reading strategies on Final Fantasy XIV the past week plus. It's been great


Thank God for final fantasy 14. I needed this game at exactly this time


I've pretty much been doing nothing but playing the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV the past few days. What an extensive trial. Good times


Down the divinity original sin 2 rabbit hole I go


When you stay up way too late playing Ghost of Tsushima


Ghost of Tsushima has become probably my second favorite PS4 game. It has passed Spider-Man for me. And those that know how much I loved that game, that is high praise


I've always liked Sucker Punch, but now after Ghost of Tsushima I absolutely love them. This game is fantastic


I like Ghost of Tsushima's combat much more than Sekiro


So I guess I have to find a way to get Ghost of Tsushima Friday


Game idea: Pokemon, but I'm the trainer, and toilets instead of Pokemon. Tag line "Gotta flush em all". My rival's name is Gary Bidet. Team Rocket would be replaced by Team Clog it.


Frosty has helped turn me into a Siege addict and a lover of weeb games. But still happy birthday Frosty. And happy birthday Ninja! Seriously one of the nicest people ever to comment with. Hope you both have great birthdays!


I can't wait til October. Time to play through all the mainline Resident Evil Games. I freaking love this series


You all got a bad case of Ligma


I don't even like orange soda, but for some reason I dreamt I was swimming in a sea of orange soda last night. Such a weird Fanta sea


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