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Resident Evil is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. Up there with Dark Souls, Zelda, and Metroid. Also my rankings of what I've played, Re2 Remake>ReMake>RE7>RE4>Re3 Remake>>>RE5>>>>>>>RE6


I know quite a few people aren't loving RE3 Remake, but I personally am loving it. It's exactly what I was hoping for!


PSA: order some leafy greens with your takeout and use it as TP. It's also better for the environment


Our governor said not to panic and go about your lives even in the midst of the crazy restrictions. Will do *remains on toilet for foreseeable future*


Why did a man like myself that loves his toilet as one of his family, not buy stock in TP companies? Bush league. I'm better than this


I know they are different games obviously but I really enjoyed Death Stranding moreso than Doom 2016


I have all the Yakuza games on my ps4 now. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot


Roses are red, I just took poo, Time for another, You should poo too! Happy Valentine's Day!


After not being sure what to do gaming wise, I've fallen back in love with my SNES classic. It's just a fun little system that makes me smile


In a bit of a gaming lull. Not sure what I want to play or what I feel like playing. The idea of playing video games just seems more appealing than actually playing them. Like I want to play something, then I sit down to play and I just...don't


This day has not been going great. Some dude threw a damn tub of mayonnaise at me on the way to work. Like what the Hellman


It's time to start respecting diarrhea. Diarrhea is just a poop that is more ambitious and more motivated than a normal poop


Time to get back to wholesome Qtoid instead of confrontation. #pettoid!


Spicy take for Torchman. Majora's Mask is overrated. Not a top 5 Zelda game for me. Twilight Princess is however better than Majora's Mask and a top 5 Zelda game


My spicy opinions. Horizon zero Dawn is just meh, Perfect Dark is way better than Goldeneye and should be considered a top 3 FPS of all time, Undertale is only a 6/10. Kinda boring


I downvote myself so you don't have to


#Pettoid something wholesome to get you through your Monday. Bump for you later day dtoiders


Spider-Man on the PS4 may be a top 5 game all time for me. It's definitely top 5 most fun video game


Fiiiiine "With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man"


The 45 minute Friday work poo to get you closer to the weekend is best poo.


Time to replay Spider-Man with all the dlc. My GOTY from 2018. Love it so much


I know we give him a lot of grief, but Soulbow is an awesome guy. Love the guy and it's a better place with him here. Happy birthday Soulbow


Really loving Death Stranding


Playing The Fallen Order which I love, then I just got Death Stranding so I'll be playing that next. Good gaming ahead of me. Bump: played a bit of Death Stranding last night. I am really going to like this one!


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