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I will only join #teamsoup when I get the flu or when I eventually turn into an old lady who lives by herself with too many cats


Happy Valentine's day everyone. While Valentine's Day is a fine holiday, Charlton Heston and I do prefer February 15th though, Steak and BJ day


Let's be honest with ourselves. Bye Bye Bye is a music masterpiece and you must sing along whenever it's heard


I'm playing final fantasy 15 again. I just really love that game


The day always looks a little brighter after a high fiber breakfast and a wonderfully healthy poo


Thanks to Adzuken's post earlier about Super Mario RPG, I'm now playing with my SNES Classic instead of working on the backlog. What would I do without a backlog anyway?


I've been lacking in my toilet and shit posts. I'll try to be better folks. I'll try to be better!


Timeless River has made me now love Kingdom Hearts 2


I was going to post a joke about sodium, but Na, people won't like it


When a problem comes along, you must fap it


So kingdom hearts 2 is leaps and bounds better than the original so far. Hopefully that continues. I'm following the story perfectly fine, but it is absolutely the most absurd story I've seen in recent memory. That said, I am enjoying the games.


A Pee SA for those in the Midwest and Northeast


So I'm close to finishing kingdom hearts 1. It's ok. Now, do I need to play chain of memories for the story or just wiki it. I played like 30 minutes and hated the gameplay so I really don't want to play it if I don't need to


I've started playing through the first Kingdom Hearts. God have mercy on my soul


With playing RE2 remake, I'm going to need RE3 remake stat


RE2 is so intense. Most intense survival horror I've played in a long time. Actually having to take frequent breaks to relax. I love it!


Ready to do this thing. Just need to decide between Leon or Claire


I'm taking multiple poops this morning so I'm totally cleaned out before dabbling in Resident Evil 2


If you're pooping and you know it clap your hands. *Clap clap*


One of these days I'm going to buy some bubbles, eat a ton of beans and see if my bum can blow bubbles. It's on my bucket list


I just said The Actual Charleton Heston 3 times in the mirror to try and summon him back here (I miss that towering manstrosity). I haven't seen him yet, instead some dude came up to me and randomly gave me hot sauce and bull semen enema. Heston is close


I think I need RE2 remake inside me


This sucks, the penis is coming right down out of Canada! Also happy belated birthday to Wes and happy birthday Panda. You all make this place swell


Listening to the radio on the way to work and they were talking about Alpha and Beta males. After hearing the traits, I'm definitely a Beta. Actually probably even a master Beta


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