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Ha! Another Monday, another monster girl.


Just so you know, I'm never going to let this meme die. lol


Happy Birthday Electric Reaper!


Band of Slackers: Zombies can be cute?!

I was originally intending to post this last month as part of Destructoid's Band of Bloggers segment, but you know, this that and the other thing happened, and anyways, fuck it I'm still gonna talk about zombies today. Video games ...


Have a spooky one tonight folks.


Well... this was a rather strange evening I had tonight. Full story in the comments.


Truly I have cultivated the best friends.


Happy birthday to me. Fitting month for it, isn't it? Y'all have a good weekend now.


Not sure if I just missed this earlier or something, but Gundam Narrative is looking mighty spicy with that first trailer drop.


I was spooky before it was cool.


Welp, might as well make this into #MonsterGirlMonday as I'm sure there will be plenty of material for it in the coming months.


Hahah, I can't get enough of these.


Watched No Game No Life Zero. I can safely say that it's about on par with the series, which is to say that it's really, really good. Now, SEASON TWO WEN?????


Look out folks, objective best Gundam in tha house.


What if the reason we haven't encountered aliens yet is because whenever they discover us they can't reconcile their attraction to Krystal and commit seppuku for shaming their society... #TheFurryParadox


Finished Megaman X Collection 1. TL;DR it was great fun (as expected). Full thoughts in the comments.


There is no boundary animu cannot cross.


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