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Watched No Game No Life Zero. I can safely say that it's about on par with the series, which is to say that it's really, really good. Now, SEASON TWO WEN?????


Look out folks, objective best Gundam in tha house.


What if the reason we haven't encountered aliens yet is because whenever they discover us they can't reconcile their attraction to Krystal and commit seppuku for shaming their society... #TheFurryParadox


Finished Megaman X Collection 1. TL;DR it was great fun (as expected). Full thoughts in the comments.


There is no boundary animu cannot cross.


Well, I bought Octopath Traveler. Naturally, my first pick had to be a waifu. I ended up starting with Ophilia. Who did you start with and why?


Man, Mario Tennis Aces brings out my inner rage monster. Just pulling a Luigi death stare every time I lose a match.


ICEY is a pretty slick and fun little weeb game. Found it purely by chance on the Switch eShop. Would recommend.


Still no confirmation of adventure mode, but Ridley is a very welcome addition. Daemon x Machina looking pretty rad. Hell I might even consider Starlink purely because the Star Fox gimmick baited me in. A few surprises from Nintendo. Not bad.


Lol I love how Devolver's conferences are turning into an ongoing episodic narrative. Looking forward to the next chapter in the Devolver Cinematic Universe.


Not sure what to make of Halo Infinite yet. The art direction looks like a step in the right direction back to a classic Halo feel. 60 fps is nice. But I'm not interested in another open world game. It could be that, but could be not. Hmm...


I don't know why it's so hard to just give me a fun fast-paced action game with a gothic horror atmosphere starring Dante.


When you get matched with someone in Mario Tennis whose connection is terrible but not quite terrible enough to just drop the connection.


First impressions of Mario Tennis Aces: Very good! I like the new mechanics they added over Ultra Smash. Only thing I'm not entirely sold on is the gyro shot, but it's growing on me. Looks like this game will be a day one buy for me.


Apocrypha may be trashy junk food anime, but god damn is its soundtrack legitimately, unironically great. I think it might be my favorite out of all the adaptations so far.


Why is the "W" pronounced "Double-U"? It's not two Us. It's two Vs. So shouldn't it be called the double-V?


Just saw Heaven's Feel Presage Flower. That Lancer and Assassin fight. Holy shit. Unreal animation quality.


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