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I wasn't expecting to have second Christmas today.

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Happy Saturnalia y'all. Stay warm.


Just finished seeing Your Name. It's one of those films that makes you feel empty after watching it, but the good kind of empty, like you just experienced something so amazing you know it will be a long time before you see something like that again.


Not gonna cry. Not gonna cry. Not gonna--well fuck.


How DARE you speak that way about his excellency! We spacenoids were abandoned by the likes of you, and he will restore our righteous place in animu.


Gundy also kicks babies confirmed.


Wow that ending to Mario Odyssey was epic. And the post-game nostalgia trip hit me right in the feels.


This is why you don't risk playing around with a N64 emulator on your server dtoid.


My spooky kitty up to his usual antics. Also be sure to check out my latest cblog for some good laughs at EA's expense.


The Error Report: EA unveils physical loot boxes

As if determined to 1-up Activision after the recent revelation that they had filed a patent for matchmaking-based transactions, EA today has announced their own new system for handling loot boxes. "We've heard your concerns," said EA...


The Chrono Trigger soundtrack truly is timeless.


I caved and bought Fire Emblem Warriors. Already digging that soundtrack.


I came up with a (highly original) new servant for Fate: Georgia Washington.


Fate/Apocrypha is total anime junk food, and I can't stop eating it. :L


Destiny 2's villain looks like Darth Malgus after eating a strict McDonalds diet for 5 years.


Man, fuck those ghosts on the final Ion Cannon mission. Locking down all my battlecruisers and nuking my shit CONSTANTLY.


We really need to come up with a more elegant term to describe the genre of "metroidvania".


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