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Hold up. If BOTW takes place 100 years after Age of Calamity, and Impa was already ~18 years old back then, wouldn't that make her 120ish in BOTW? In a civilization with medieval era technology??? What is in those fortified pumpkins they're growing?!!


I don't really have a waifu hashtag or anything. This is just a picture of Bowsette because Bowsette.


You know when I pitched the idea of a Hogwarts Simulator earlier this year I didn't expect Sony just a few months later to literally announce one with almost the exact concept a few months later.


Koei Tecmo you have one job for Age of Calamity. You know what you have to do.


AM2R is now widescreen, which of course was another excuse for me to replay it.


So, after finishing my replay of the trilogy through MCC, my maybe not-so-spicy take? Halo 2 > Halo CE > Halo 3. Though Halo 3 has the best gunplay, so it takes the victor for best multiplayer. Pic unrelated.


It took them 13 years but these madmen finally did it. Halo 3 on PC and it's running flawless at 120 FPS. Driving around in a Warthog never gets old.


Game idea: An open world game entirely comprised of the worst elements of the genre like fetch quests, running forever in vast bland landscapes, dry expository radio chatter, convoluted menu manag--oh wait we already got that it's called Death Stranding.


Real game idea: An anime-styled Hogwarts simulator where you play as a waifu that goes to a witch academy to train spells, join a house, learn to fly a broom, build relationships with other students, etc while also going on quests outside the academy.


This looks sooo goooood aaaaa


I think I'm in the wrong game.


Finished Seven Sirens today. Twas a good game it was. Rotty's monster girl thirst has been quenched, for now. Mostly. So when's Shantae 6?


She has a transformation that turns ugly zombies into cute ones. Yeeep. That's definitely a Shantae game.


FF7 Remake was a mistake

I didn't say it! Miyazaki did! Don't shoot the messenger. It is ironic sometimes how life experience can end up drastically altering your perspective. Growing up, FF7 was a special game to me. It was full of memorable moments and char...


*throws sticky grenade* Grunt: "Not again!" ...You've had a sticky grenade on you before?


Voted for that there Barnie Sandals; the free-to-play candidate that only accepts microtransactions. Wait, that may not be the best marketing strategy... ANYWAY, off to play Halo Anniversary.


I'm relieved Barret sounds exactly as I imagined him and they didn't hold back.


Turns out it's really hard to find a monster girl pic with chocolates that is SFW enough to post, so have this instead.


Spicy take: DOOM 2016 is just OK. Not bad. Not great. It's a weird double standard for me but without the charm of the sprite-based graphics I just expect more from a shooter's level design and storytelling. Brutal Doom though, that's my jam.


Happy New Year! I've been with Dtoid 3 years now and hope for many more.


Late to the party, but finished Pokemon Sword. Good game. Made me care about Pokemon for the first time outside of the Kanto region. More thoughts in comments.


Merry Padorus everyone.


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