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Yer a good dude Chris. Enjoy your birthday!


Happy Halloween! Hope y'all had a good one.


Lookie what finally arrived in the mail today! Can't wait to play.


Replaying Super Mario 3D World in Cemu. Still an amazing game (that needs to get ported to Switch ASAP). I forgot how many catchy tunes it has too!


*Cue Jurassic Park music*


My, your teeth have grown so quickly, and it's only your first birthday Bowsette!


Monster Girl Monday! Bonus coming Thursday.


Just what I was looking for!


Soon all of Whitemane shall learn to fear the name... Poofie. :o


And now for my second pro as heck guide to Classic WoW: how to play a paladin.


How to properly play a hunter in Classic WoW.


For all you Alliance players out there, you can join me and my night elf waifu on the Whitemane server if you plan to do name reservations today.


TIM: "But you don't know that. You don't know that Bernie." BERNIE: "I'm about to end this man's career." (Summary of last night's debate)


Happy Birthday trigger! Thanks for being an awesome dude.


While playing through Remako I found a really cool mod that does the art style I want: perfect recreations of the original concept art.


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