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I'm surprised Dragon Quest XI got its hooks into me as much as it has. Honestly, this is the direction I expected modern JRPGs to go instead of where Final Fantasy ended up. It's refreshing to play something that just sticks to what works but in shiny HD.


What's a Super Bowl? Is this an old SNES classic I missed out on?


Never have I simultaneously admired a game's visuals yet cringed at its soundtrack quite like Dragon Quest XI. Good thing there is an orchestral overhaul mod for this game, lol.


And this is to go... EVEN FURTHER BEYOND.


I hear a certain someone who likes tacos is having a special day today. Whoever this mysterious person is, I wish him a good one.


Getting caught up on RWBY volume 6 this weekend, and... Salem did nothing wrong.

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Hey hey, it's Monster Girl Monday.


Today I learned how to play Captain Falcon.


Hope your energy was high and phazon levels low this holiday season.


Guys. Nier is pretty special. I think it might be Game of the Year.


Hashire sori yo, Kaze no you ni, Tsukimihara wo, Padoru PadorBOO! >.<


I finally got around to playing Nier the other night, and holy robutts Batman, it left a strong first impression! Needless to say I am struggling to juggle this and Smash right now as two GOTY-level titles demanding my attention.


Gaaooo it's Monster Girl Monday!


Ha! Another Monday, another monster girl.


Just so you know, I'm never going to let this meme die. lol


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