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Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #9: Fire Mage Linkle


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #8: The Goddess Hylia has now become a Fierce Deity.


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #7: Kokiri Linkle is combat ready!


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #6: Something smells fishy about this one.


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #5: Transcending the Heroine of Time, she is now revealed as the Goddess Hylia herself.


Happy (late) St. Patty's day!


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #4: Knight in Shining Armor


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #3: The true Hero(ine) of Time emerges!


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #2: Cucco Glider! Should I keep it or stick with the original?


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #1: I have a nice furry coat now!


Dumb Melee mods are the best.


Finally after several hours of tinkering in Cemu, I got Linkle running in glorious 1080p 60 FPS! This is going to be a fun time.


Monster Girl Monday! Come on Yoshi, where's the enthusiasm?


Wow these Linkle mods have gotten extensive. I'm sweating. :L


Saw Alita today. It was OK. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. I feel like it was just starting to get interesting in the last 15 minutes, and then it ends on a cliffhanger. Aw well. Glad to support an anime adaptation regardless.


Happy Valentine's Day! Also tsundere Samus is now canon.


I'm surprised Dragon Quest XI got its hooks into me as much as it has. Honestly, this is the direction I expected modern JRPGs to go instead of where Final Fantasy ended up. It's refreshing to play something that just sticks to what works but in shiny HD.


What's a Super Bowl? Is this an old SNES classic I missed out on?


Never have I simultaneously admired a game's visuals yet cringed at its soundtrack quite like Dragon Quest XI. Good thing there is an orchestral overhaul mod for this game, lol.


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