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Finished Stranger Things 3. The Russian plot was a little too camp for this show's standards and the juggling between so many different characters in different places got messy at times, but all in all still a solid season. I'm down for a season 4.


Beaten Blazing Chrome 4 times now. Game is LIT. Bubble gum-chewing Samus is best character obvs.


Square was just straight up trolling at this point. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.


Monster Girl Monday! Shantae 5 hype.


Is Mario Maker 2 worth the purchase if I don't intend to actually create much myself? While I've always enjoyed Mario games, I can't say I've ever been too inspired to make my own levels. Though playing others' could change that.


And that's a wrap for Linkle's quest.


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #13: "Yeah... I think I'm back."


If I set the playback speed to 2x on a live stream will I be able to see into the future? #RottyThoughts


Continuing my playthrough of Remako.


Keanu Reeves was definitely a pleasant surprise. Well played, CDPR.


Oh no. She's MULTIPLYING now. This is how Skynet begins.


So in other news today, EA showed a game that wasn't Jedi Knight 4 or KOTOR 3.


So it looks like I'll be picking up the next Pokemon game. This would be the first one I've played since Gold/Silver. Why come back after all this time? Uhhh... No reason. No reason I can think of.


So what you're saying is... Action Anxiety is the Dark Souls of game genres. :p


Gotta love Barret #&*@ talkin' Midgar in HD!


Git hype. The true FF7 remake is here folks.


Finished A Hat in Time. I'm OK with Gears for Breakfast just infinitely producing DLC for this game until the end of time.


A few years ago if you told me the first good video game movie would be a Pokemon film starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, I would have told you you're full of shit. But, here we are... Detective Pikachu was a lot of fun.


There's only one proper theme song you can choose for the Sonic film. :p


Apparently there is an unofficial fan patch of AM2R (now at version 1.4.3) that adds in some extra features and bug fixes + remastered soundtrack that the original author never finished before they got C&D'd. Lol @ unofficial patch of unofficial remake.


God I love a good collectathon. This game is charming beyond belief. I shouldn't have waited this long to get it.


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