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wish me luck. Getting ready to do part 2 of my interview. I really think I may have a good chance at landing this.


Alright friends I need all the prayers, vibes, good ju ju.....smoke signals. Whatever you got. I have a interview tomorrow for a perfect job. I need this job so badly too. Wish me luck


Ok friends I need resume help. Have any websites that you recommend to help me build one that are free? I need to get it done and start sending it out tomorrow so I can land a job in my field now that I'm done with school.


It's definitely been a Monday here. Rum and coke zero is on tap and I'm down for cheering up if you are so inclined.


I want to say this. Yes we are getting divorced and I'm not sure that I will be back here again or not. This has always been his place and it feels wrong being here now. You guys have been great and I wish you all the best.


Because if you don't have a cake with your face on it did you really graduate?


So I get pinned Wednesday and start my externship.....whenever they find me one. So that's neat. It looks like I will graduate with straight A's! I have 3 days of class left and I don't see my GPA dropping with what's on the agenda.


Negative on Covid. Back to Covid land tonight. I still have something going on but we know it's not COVID and I have patients that need taken care of so. Dinner and then my 12 hour shift then school and sleep


Today I got tested for Covid exactly a week after I started on the Covid unit. I have symptoms and now I wait for results.


Just finished four consecutive 12 hour shifts on the COVID unit and HOLY SHIT! We are maxed out on beds and have patients waiting in ER for days to get up here. It is getting so bad here and our patient load is about 12 patients to one. WHEW! Mask up!!


So my first week on the floor was awesome! I got to experience a Code Blue, Cdiff and assist with a chest tube being placed. It was a rush! Loving all of it.


Sooo the my unit at the hospital is being changed into a covid unit tonight. I'm going to be right in the heart if this stupid pandemic. Oy!


I passed my final exam with a 98% I start on the floor Sunday night. I'm so excited 😁 😆


I think it's time for a mini life update. I'm almost done with school and I've managed to keep straight A's so far. I have one more module after the one I'm in and I'm done. Woot! I start training for my new job Monday. (more in comments)


Sooooo I know you guys are just dying to know the outcome of my interview. I rocked that shit! I put in my 2 weeks notice today. I'm now a N-CTA which is a fancy name for doing comfort care and vitals on the heart floor at our local hospital. WOOT!


Interview is scheduled for 1pm tomorrow! Woot!


I put in a application for a job that will help me move forward in my career. Good vibes greatly appreciated.


I have a week and half left of this module for school. It's been the worst one yet and I've hated every second of it. Billing and coding can kindly fuck right off. Photo just cuz I had my hair did


Drinking this yummy craft beer while blues chokes me out with our fire pit.


Tomorrow is Blues Birthday 🎂 I work tomorrow so we are celebrating him today. Happy Birthday Big Daddy!! I love you more than life!!


Day drinking has started. Celebrating another A in my second module. Next module starts Monday. Pretty fucking proud of myself. I never considered myself smart. Bringing home A's in this is fucking awesome!!! 2 down 4 to go.


I'm late to #shoetoid. Here's my favorite shoes ever! Good ole' Mary Janes. These babies are at least 20 years old and still going strong.


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