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Ohhh Mister @Luckrequired!!! I need your shipping info for your shirt. Please answer your email!!! OR ELSE!! YEP! You will get to go in the corner with Bass!! We don't want that now do we? @mikemartin!! Same goes for you! Wilfoftheblues@gmail.com


I have few things that were requested coming to the shop soon. What size T-shirt did ya want @vxxy ? More in comments


I have been trying to not spam my etsy stuff as much and keep it on Twitter and Instagram. But this is just so cute!I wanted to share it here too.


Sooo I'm two weeks into the gel treatments on my knees. So far it has done nothing for the pain. If anything it seems to be getting worse as the cortisone is wearing off. They said to give it four to six weeks. Not looking good


Let's all admire how stinkin' cute this is.... 1. 2. 3......AWWWWWW


So this happened and that makes me like a pretty big deal. Lol


I'm just so sad today. A little boy I follow on FB passed away yesterday unexpectedly and it has hit me so hard. He was 7. RIP TRIPP.😢


You just haven't lived unless your girl humps your ass.


I ADORED garbage pail kids cards when I was a kid.


Ever just decide ya know what... I think I'm going to cut 10" off my hair? No just Me?


Got gel injected in both knees this morning. That really hurts! Hopefully it will work and be worth it.


Guys do me a huge favor. You all know I opened up a Etsy. Welll CJ just wrote a article . Please go over there and upvote where I put my link in the comments. This could help me take off. Edit: also our boy Zombs has his link up. Upvote!!! 😊


I hate daylight savings time. I love that spring is right around the corner and all that jazz. But, ugh! Losing a hour of sleep and jacking with inner clock.


Soooo my Blues dude finally bought my laptop and it's amazeballs!!! I can't tell you a thing about the specs, but I can tell you this!!! The keyboard is RAINBOW and it's quick. What more does a girl need? Lol ok back to your day. Have a good Friday!


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