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I'm really struggling. My brother's obituary in the comments


What should have been a great few days with my mom ended tragically when we got the phone call that my only sibling was found dead in his apartment.He was 45. His heart gave put from repeat meth use. I'm angry and heartbroken.


I call this look... WTF mom? She was playing with the carrier and closed herself in.


Introducing Mitzi Blue. I picked her up this morning and I'm in love. She is the cutest sweetest baby girl ever! #FLOOF


So we did a thing. Introducing the newest member of our family. We've named her Blue and she will be home September 7th when she is 8 weeks old. I'm so excited to snuggle this sweet baby girl.


Fly High Sweet Boy! I will miss you with my whole heart! I held him as he took his last breath. He was the best boy ever!


Tomorrow we will say goodbye to our 20 year old cat. Nooshie was the best kitty ever and will leave a giant hole in my heart and life. He has been my baby since he was 8 weeks old. I'm absolutely heartbroken.


@Wes Tacos It's so awesome to see you happy! You guys look adorable together.


#currentstatus Finally getting a dishwasher put in. When we bought our house the only thing we didn't like was our kitchen had no dishwasher. The had to remove a cabinet to install it...but this girl will have a dishwasher tonight!


So yesterday was my 43rd birthday and the entire day was a total shitshow. I've decided to just stay 42 another year and try it again next July 11th. That's how it works right?.....


my boss came up to me yesterday and asked me if I would do her a favor. She has this hideous gun rack from a charity event that she wanted me to bedazzle for her to give as a gag gift. Here I present to you my creation.. I call it Hillbilly Beautiful


Come guys! Help our brother out! Mikey is SO close to getting his meds. We need to keep him healthy so he can entertain us.


So work update.... I nailed my work performance bonus! Wooot!


My hats off to those of you who work 6 day weeks regularly. I've been pulling extra hours to get performance bonus and holy crap I'm tired. That money will be good when it hits though.This girl has GOALS!!!


So I edited my original post because nips are bad. SO here is #teasetuesday Mildly lewd pictures in the comments. If that bothers you keep on scrolling.


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Pretty much my default reaction to 99% of the


You cant cook to save your life, no wonder your parents left Oh Im sorry, is that a little raw? So is the fucking food!


If Patapon 2 can come out somewhere at Sony is a lone PS4 with a digital copy of Ape Escape 3 PS2 I really want that to be Please? Or remaster Legend of Dragoon?

Voltaic Owl



Just beat Jedi Fallen Order! Ive posted a video where I finally understood the lightsaber combat and felt like a bad Thoughts and spoilers in the


Completely forgot I ordered A nice little surprise


Edelgard in Smash is fun to play so far, but shes


This weeks Doctor Who review is up over at Check it out if you watch the show




Hope you all are having a great day!!!



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