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Let the drinking commence. Watching Blue's brother this weekend. To say he is difficult is putting it mild.


Just gonna put this right here. Talk among yourselves.


Oh my gosh guys! Thanks for the Birthday love. You guys are awesome. Blues did awesome and got me two pairs of shoes. I adore shoes!!!


First world problems.. I cant figure out where I want to go for my birthday dinner tomorrow. My life is hard.


Happy Birthday JC Dent. You share a Birthday with my oldest son so that makes you pretty awesome.


I've had a emotional day today with not being able to take care of my yard and house like I want too. Blues got the kids and did the yard for me. What a good hubby.


Just sent this to my best friend who happens to be gay...lmao!


Shout out to my baby. He goes back to work tomorrow after taking great care of me for the last 2 weeks. He never got annoyed with with my whiny ass and he is basically the cat's meow in my book. I'm lucky to have him. Love ya baby!


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