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I'm busting outta this hospital! I cant wait to be in my own bed and snuggle my cats.


Ugh! My blood pressure tanked last night around 3am. So I have to stay tonight because it makes me a fall risk. My blood pressure is always low and when I have surgery or get sick this happens. Nothing new, but since it's my leg they are making me stay.


My sweet baby boy brought me his teddy and blankie. God love him!


Lol they gave me games. The words are funny.


Tomorrow is the big day! First total knee replacement surgery happens at 5am. So, which one if you bitches are going to send me flowers? *****crickets*****


Let's take a moment and admire this thing of beauty I sewed out today.


Mr. Blues got me a new phone. It's camera is amazing. This is my almost 19 year old kitty.


One week from today I will have a new knee. I'm so ready to get this over with so I can kick recoveries ass!


So, Mike and Luck said red hat's were in this spring.


Life has been crazy busy here in the Blues house. Something going on everyday. Two weeks from tomorrow I'll have a new knee and the kids are out of school for the summer on the 30th. Fun fun fun!


My total Knee replacement surgery has been set for May the 24th at 8am. I'm so ready to be able to walk without pain.


So I'm pretty badass! I rewired our landscaping lights and put in a cute little fence to keep them from being stepped on this time. I'm am woman hear me roooaarrr ! Meow


Hey guys! I'm offering free shipping from my Etsy shop right now. Type THANKYOU in the coupon code and get shipping on me.


I'm up stupid early and it's Blues fault!! That is all ...just wanted to bitch about it. Carry on!


This made me laugh...like seriously laughed!


I did it both ways. I like the green best! What ya think?


First up for my fallout collection going into my shop now.


I need opinions. Words in yellow? Keep it all white? Or ????


Busy trying to hype my shit on Twitter and Instagram. All in a day's work...lol


New star wars shirt going into my Etsy shop today. What ya think?


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