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So I thought I was safe to go grocery shopping today. I was WRONG! Kids were screaming, grandmas were browsing.... God's gravy! I HATE FOOD SHOPPING! Get out of the middle of the fucking isle and MOVE!!. OK! Phew I'm back to my delightful self now.


Live Christmas story is on. Mr. Blues is in bed so the kids and I get to see this shitshow.


Ever been so disgusted with yourself? I'm there now. This is me on our honeymoon almost 18 years ago. To be that fit again...ahhhhh! The twins and being a diabetic has changed that for me. I need to take control of my health again....but I like food!


So while homeoftheblues is working overtime today... I am cooking him a yummy dinner. Brisket and potatoes are in the crockpot. Apple crisp is in the oven. Rolls are rising. My baby will be eating good tonight... that's what she said!


Help a sister out. Is this hard to read?I'm working on designs for a etsy shop and I made this with the Bob's burgers font and sent a pic to my hubs (homeoftheblues) he says its hard to read. I personally love it. What say you? Should the font be changed


Is just me? Or have the awkward years gotten better for the kids of today? This is me in 3rd grade. That hair!!


Any Bob Burger's fans? I ADORE Tina! She is the best! I made this tonight to sport my girl!


Bragtoid! So I've been making shirts recently. My husband has shared a few of his I made. Here are a few of mine.


Book of the day! That's just good readin' right there!


What a Monday! I was on my way to the bank and grocery store. I stopped at the stop sign. Looked left and right like usual. I saw a police suv coming down the street I went forward and the suv turned behind me....next thing I knew he flashed his lights. I


Happy Thanksgiving from Homeoftheblues and my family to yours!


Outta my way!! Mama needs a new pair of shoes, 52" Smart TV, and a laptop for the low low price of 19.99...limit 1 per state 😉


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