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This time next week I will be on the ship cruising to the Bahamas. Bahama mama in full effect!


It's almost midnight and I'm craving fried eggs and toast. What is wrong with me?


Giving Gus a run for his money today. I'm so punny


Make sure you sing happy birthday twice or your hands are still covered in cock cooties.


I feel like this actually would have a great market here.


These cute little babies are 15 today. Dang! Time has flown so fast.


My brother in law wanted a Microsoft shirt with the colored blocks. To say he was pleased with the shirt I made him would be a huge understatement. It was awesome to see him so happy.


I did a thing today. 16" of my hair chopped off and donated to Wigs for Kids. My hair was shedding so bad after my knee surgery and it was looking so thin so I took the plunge and chopped it off. Eeek!


I asked Blues to hide the candy from me after Halloween. So I woke up this morning and went into the kitchen fully expecting to find candy and devour some. That FUCKER held up his end of the deal! Now I have to stick to my health journey and be candyless!


Happy Halloween! One of my fb friends dressed her baby as a swiffer... Cracks me up!


Blues just came home with the BIGGEST surprise for me in our 19 years!! I'm so stinkin' excited!!! Thank you baby! You're the best!


Ok guys I've been working on my health since my total knee replacement. I've lost 25 pounds so far since July. I got a ways to go still but I'm starting to see results and I'm proud 😊 Just wanted to share


For the second time since we've lived here someone approached me and asked me if I have ever considered selling my "beautiful long European hair"... which I think is the nice way to say basic white girl hair. Is there a black market for hair to make wigs


Hell with dinosaur chicken nuggets. Give me a bag of dicks.


Who do I gotta blow to get one of you dorks to buy my laptop so I can get my surface book and sweet ass pen? Mama needs a new toy!


I'm testing out some ideas for the holidays. This one was a winner I love it. Made it from cardstock and a led light.


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