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Blues just came home with the BIGGEST surprise for me in our 19 years!! I'm so stinkin' excited!!! Thank you baby! You're the best!


Ok guys I've been working on my health since my total knee replacement. I've lost 25 pounds so far since July. I got a ways to go still but I'm starting to see results and I'm proud 😊 Just wanted to share


For the second time since we've lived here someone approached me and asked me if I have ever considered selling my "beautiful long European hair"... which I think is the nice way to say basic white girl hair. Is there a black market for hair to make wigs


Hell with dinosaur chicken nuggets. Give me a bag of dicks.


Who do I gotta blow to get one of you dorks to buy my laptop so I can get my surface book and sweet ass pen? Mama needs a new toy!


I'm testing out some ideas for the holidays. This one was a winner I love it. Made it from cardstock and a led light.


Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great one for you.


So I made a thing.. I made a lot of errors so this was just a practice run. But I really like it. It's made from cardstock.


Blues said I needed to post a scary picture. Nothing scarier than this


My house is going to look like Halloween puked all over it if I dont quit painting. It's so much fun tho. This guy is my favorite thing I've painted so far.


Seen in Indy. Lmao! She gets a A for honesty.


Today I feel like the bunny. Man! raising teenagers sucks sometimes.


Round two of painting this guy went much better. Blues is coming up with a giveaway contest for you guys. Stay tuned if you want this fella for your tree or whatever you want to hang him on. 😉


Well, Blues got floor seats for Paul McCartney sooooo...


Well I did it guys! I'm WILF of the year. I scored Blues and my dad, Paul McCartney tickets for next summer. It was insane and sold out in minutes but I managed to grab 2. Now excuse me while I sell my soul to help pay for these fuckers.


Ok guys I did a thing. It's not perfect. (Far from it) But if you guys want it I'm going to do a give away. I haven't painted in about 5 years and wanted to start up again and this is my first project. Be gentle..


So last night Blues offered to take me to Joanns and buy me whatever I wanted. I got the knife blade attachment to my cricut cutting machine. Now I can cut all the wood shapes. I'm thinking mario ornaments, fallout ornaments and possibly a giveaway here.


Ok guys! Especially you few who have new babies or young kids who think life gets easier when they are potty trained a little story for you!!! I was outside putting together our new lawn mower I come in for a drink...rest in the comments


Happy Birthday HLarge. I hope it's a joyful one.


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