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I'm SO STUPID TIRED after mother's day at the day spa. Holy crap! Also here is what I'd look like as a dude.


So I'm still sick. I'm finally off today and can get into the Dr, I had what started as a headcold then morphed into a wicked deep cough. I've had the best time ever holding my cough back during the foot massage while my body internally combusted.


Nothing like going to work with a head cold. Here's hoping I don't sneeze and snot all over my clients feet. #adulting


Sunday funday! I'm off to work enjoy these donuts while I'm gone.


So the girl child got her braces off her teeth today and a week from today I will be the next one sporting a metal mouth. Adult braces should be a nice adventure.


So I worked all day today at the spa. I got festive and made the Pedicure water green for every client. No one even noticed. My festive efforts went unnoticed. #nolove #happygreenbeerday


I got new shoes for work last night and Blues got pissy over the cost of them, even though I brought enough home in tips alone to pay for them. He can be a shit head sometimes. So please throw stuff at him while I go to work.


As some of you may know. I'm a nail art nut. I just dreamed up a technique and damnit if it didn't work just like my mind said. Im so stupid excited.


So I completed my first week at the day spa. I loved it! I made awesome tips and the owners seem to really like me. I'm a happy lady now. Even Blues got his feet did. He loved it too.


Squee! Tomorrow I start full time. I took a client Saturday night because they had a schedule conflict and said I was good enough to not need training for it. It went really well. I'm so happy to be doing nails again. #worktoid


So remember me being able to get Brazilian waxing for 15.00? Remember I cut my hair even shorter? Behold!!!


I'm ready to land this job. I had my hair cute into this sassy little cut and Blues is not happy. Lol I personally think it's awesome. Lol What do you guys think? EDIT!! I GOT THE JOB! I start Tuesday.


First step of my interview is done and I've moved on to the next step tomorrow at 1pm. I got this! So excited guys! I could get used to coming into this beautiful lobby everyday.


I'm waiting for the day spa to call and set up my interview. It feels like waiting for Christmas. This is a dream job for me and they already called and left a message for me that they want me to come in for a interview. Ahhhhh! Call me already!


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