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Time for a glass of local wine...errrr ummm maybe a bottle. It's GOOD!


Watch "Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up (Official Music Video)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Oxu3pq319r0 #90stoid


If whipping out my titty is wrong.... I don't want to be right.


My mom posted this on fb. I think it was clear at age 5 I was on the crazy side.


Let's take a minute to admire my floof. She is so fluffy!


LOOK! Behold the cuteness! I sell Scentsy and we are coming out with this adorable little guy in June. So Freaking Cute!!!


So today marks one week with my new knee. I finally got to see what it looked like under the bandage yesterday. 31 staples!! Pic in comments


I'm still very swollen but the new knee is settling in just fine. Project bionic WILF is in full effect!


The feeling when I can finally wipe AND feel my cooter. Ahhhh life's simple pleasures.


Knee#2 is done and went great. They said I'm a rockstar because I'm doing so well. So there's that 不不不


Today was my last day at work and my sweet co worker got me this cute little flower and balloon even though she got a crappy check this week. I feel so loved. My total knee replacement surgery is tomorrow at 5am!


Hey guys! How are ya? I thought I'd pop in and say hi.


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