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I was "rewatching" the fire season of mr. Robot and apparently the first time around I skipped an episode with a major twist and I was extremely confused. Weird...


I just watched the punisher trailer, here's hoping the show is actually good. I only watched daredevil when it comes to the Netflix stuff, and I need a vigilante who doesn't pussyfoot around.


Man, I know it's just the "Ghbili style", but I love the character designs for Ni No Kuni 2, especially "Roland", he looks like a cross between Ghibli and Tezuka to me, I like how there's actually a more "adult" character instead of just kids...


Why the fuck did I have to delete my BOTW save just to start a new game? I couldn't even archive one file? It wasn't a huge deal because I probably wasn't going to go back, but I did want to track my journey with the map thing eventually...


I need to see it again, but I feel like Kingsman 2 tried to do too much and introduced so many characters that nobody really has room to breathe. I think this is why the insanity feels less grounded, the over the top stuff doesn't have a counter. Hmm...


I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't mind the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character designs. If anything the male lead could look a bit older but all in all the anime look doesn't bother me. I hope I like the gameplay tho lol


There's a well written piece up on polygon about the PewDiePie thing and toxic gaming/nerd culture as a whole. It's a look into a perspective I don't have, being a white dude.


I've spent way too much time in links Awakening running around because I'm not sure what to do. It's a real blow to my self confidence since I'm pretty sure plenty of kids figured this stuff out. TLDR Zelda makes me feel stupid


I ended up getting Links Awakening on virtual console, I had it on RetroPie but figured I'd rather play it on a portable. Enjoying it so far, I've been wanting to play it for a while. Edit: Fun fact, I've logged 50 hours into ocarina without beating i


The front of my hair is looking much thinner than before... I think it's lithium, so now I need to find someone who will put me on something else, and I don't even know if that's the cause! But I'm shallow, that's more important than mental health...


Anyone wanna recommend some good music? What's your favorite album/song of the year so far? Trying to find some new stuff. I love this song:


Earlier I struggled to pay attention during a lecture while 2 frat bro types in front of me watched Rick and Morty while laughing obnoxiously.(I haven't seen season 3 yet!) The hipster part of me wishes the fandom stayed with people who have brain cells.


Set up my ps4 so I can get back into persona 5 later...Lord have mercy on my soul...


Someone stood up after my screening of "mother!" and said "Whatever you do, don't become a writer." Perhaps, but it was the most interesting film of the year, and one of the most feminist films I think I've ever seen.


I hate people who try to have conversations with waitresses or keep asking for their recomendations or some shit, and I especially hate people who complain about service or the food, unless it caused you harm, just shut the fuck up and eat your fuel.


Oh damn, I missed that Xenoblade is actually coming out this year! Crazy shit. Edit: oh my god I need this: Edit: pic of Xenoblade switch controller didn't post, screw you website!


Downloaded the octopath traveler (or whatever). Not to be a bitch, but does the game seem kind of blurry or washed out to anyone else? I don't think it's the resolution of the switch, because on the map the pixel art looks great. Maybe so it runs well?


"It", or, "Adults fucking suck: the movie". Definitely one of my favorite movies of the year so far, not perfect, but I loved the characters. Bought the book right after.


This morning I decided to try and take a several day tolerance break from heavy phone usage/gaming/tv/screens/etc. to see how it effected my brain, and just read some old fashioned books. Cut to: INT. AFTERNOON. CHIMERA HOME:


All of the forest/castle section in Automata is a slide show. If I wasn't using auto evade it would be unplayable. How does anyone think that's okay? Also why have cut scenes if they're going to look like shit? Not making liking this game easier...


I'm at an interstate toll and I've been behind someone who can't find their ticket for like 20 minutes. Toll woman looks pissed. Of course they're from Florida. (Disclaimer they're obviously not in danger from the hurricane so I can make fun of them)


Anyone here play Starbound? I got it a few months back and only played it a bit, just restarted. I wanted to play with friends but nobody else got it. I think I want to get into that, or continue Stardew valley. Or play more near tomato or TITS. Hmm.....


Last night...I grinded on a male friend and then some girl started grinding on me and put my hands on her tits and started touching my d!ck but I didn't find her very attractive so I kind of noped out and just stopped dancing. Awkward as fuck. also:


I need to get up in a few hours but I'm so paranoid about centipedes killing me in my sleep I can't. I'm constantly scanning walls and ceilings and very frequently I see one or three zoom by. I wish I wasn't a pussy but here we are. God sucks for this.


Can anyone tell me if Gurren Lagaan drastically improves after the first 3/4 episodes?


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