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I'm in the universally agreed shit stretch of twin peaks so it's a long battle to get to the end so I can watch Fire walk with me and season 3. I'm trying to get it over with as quickly as possible


I wish Hollow Knight had an easy mode so I could buy it.


This maybe very old news, but I'm just learning the details now. Even though roman polanski raped a 13 year old, many of my favorite artists, including David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Scorsese, and Tarantino defend him. I don't understand why he is defended?


I wish barnes and noble had that 50% off criterions rn. Im watchi g season two of twin peaks for the first time and I want to pick up Fire Walk with Me as well as that lynch documentary.ugh!! I guess I'll just use amazon.


When you figure out your thesis for a 9 page paper at 10pm and its due the next day at noon.


Ugh! There's an Eva vinyl release I just found out about that is impossible to obtain. Just let me fucking have it


The creators of evangelion are disgusted by the way fans sexu-


Well, evangelion 3 was certainly interesting. Honestly I don't get the hate unless people are just mad because it's not a basic remake of the original. Man I can't wait two years for 4...


I'm reading crying of lot 49 by pynchon for school and it's fuckin weird. I think I'm going to rewatch the first two eva rebuilds and finally watch 3.33 now that 3.0+1.0/4=6 or whatever it's called has a release date


Sorry to bother you was amazing fam pls see it


I finished all of mad men and started rewatching it the next day. It's weird just rewinding almost a decade off everybody


Me before octopath came out : *voices criticism* Me now, with a fuck ton of stuff I have to do : fuck me I just want to play octopath I don't think I ever actually enjoyed combat in an rpg this much before, despite mainly playing rpgs


I've been thinking about giving up gaming for a while to focus on reading/school/guitar/etc., but instead of treating it as an evil I think just I'll limit myself to maybe 1.5 hours a day. As an excuse to buy octopath tomorrow.


To anyone who has octopath, does there seem to be a change in the resolution /frame rate or additional lighting/visual options added since the last demo?


According to kotaku each story in octopath traveler is completely seperate and chracters dont ever appear in other cutscenes even, AND no larger story. Considering my favorite part of rpgs is seeing the party interact, I'm pretty disappointed


Spoilers for xenoblade 2 end of chapter 5 in comments


Good decision: start reading for the insane amount of stuff I need to read for class Tuesday Bad decision : Get high, play even more xenoblade 2 after an entire day of playing and "read" (sparknotes) tomorrow. Hmmm....


I think im loving xenoblade oblade 2. On chapter four bout 15 hours in.


I hate the insanely high level enemies (fucking BIRDS!) in xenoblade 2 that are there for some reason. All it does it take away the joy of exploring.


I've always hated my hair: it's puffy, curly and messy. It also looks exactly like spike speigels hair, which makes me think it's way cooler. Would mske it way easier to cosplay as him too. Just need a tan.


Just finished rewatching bebop. My favorite piece of media over any book, movie, show, or game. I have the movie in the mail which I don't really remember. I want to get a tattoo of something from it.


Back to playing BOTW. I guess I can't keep giving the same criticisms when I've played it for 150 hours, the most I've played any game ever


I like the story of xenoblade 2 a lot but I feel like I don't understand combat. No matter how far you are you still get hit. Are you supposed to just constantly try and run behind the enemy? Feel like there's something I'm not getting.


Apparently im 17 hours in xenoblade 2 and i dont remember how much of anything works so i guess im starting over :/


Hung out with a bunch of people and had anxiety the entire time pretty much. I couldn't wait to leave. I have social anxiety but i think the intensity must be my new meds. Need to try something else.


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