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I just dropped almost 80 bucks on organic conditioner, a jump rope, coffee, and coffee containers at whole foods ™ and i feel VERY woke


I'm just a newbie, but rocket league is constantly reminding me it's designed to sell you shit, which is sad and annoying.


I just spent hours in Witcher 3 doing nothing but trying to figure out how to open the menu with a dualshock only to find you just press the fucking touch pad! I'm a dumbass. Also, this is my 250th shit post I think. #keepinitshitty


The last thing you want to hear while in the shower is your mother yelling that your dog is "pouring blood". He has a ruptured spot that looks really bad but he should be fine. I feel bad he has to deal with another issue already


Net neutrality is getting overturned. Thanks, republicans. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-internet/fcc-plans-to-vote-to-overturn-u-s-net-neutrality-rules-in-december-sources-idUSKBN1DG00H


Barnes and Noble haul "Just 5 more games/movies and I'll stop" *1 week later* "Just a few more maaan, what's the big deal?"


What do you guys think is the greatest human invention of all time? Right now I'm going with those three section mirrors in department stores that let you see every angle I had something else in mind yesterday but forgot. Opinions?


Oh boy...Now my switch jumps between telling me there's no microsd card inserted and that the non-existent card was removed randomly. Good to know it never stopped having stupid hardware defects, just that I stopped discovering them..for a while...


I was getting ready to go out and get LA Noire on switch when I started thinking about how much the required download stuff pisses me off. I just want to get that game but I'm having a hard time bringing myself to support bullshit ;(


Apparently Nintendo is making an animated Mario movie with illumination studios. Nintendo has made a lot of really stupid choices. That has to be the worst. They literally couldn't have picked a shittier studio.


Anyone else picking up L.A. Noir on switch? (Or anything else..) I was going to try and wait it out but 1940s LA entices me


I've decided to stop being a pussy and do some research into how and where the food I eat comes from. I imagine at the end my meat and dairy intake will be greatly reduced or non-existent, which would be hard but a small price to pay.


Got a dope new jacket. Best part? It has a fuck ton of pockets. I can take the switch apart and it fits perfectly. Just in case I want to go in adventures and still escape reality


Doom, Skyrim, L.A. Noire, all games I didn't play originally that for some reason I want to pay full price for on switch. I think maybe I'll skip doom because I'm a little nervous about the resolution/frame rate and get one of the others before xenoblade


One really annoying thing about Mario oddesey is the camera tracking. Why do I have to constantly fight the camera just to be able to see what I need to see or get it in a position I want? Would it have been that hard to have a toggle to turn it off?


Holy crap! Rian Johnson is going to get his own star wars trilogy to direct. I'm a huge fan based solely off looper, and we all know Episode 8 is going to be amazing because of him. SO that's cool.


When i got my rental car (normally someone my age couldn't even rent) the dude gave me a brand new 2018 sonata. I'm in love with this car, I don't know how I'm going to go back and buy some shit heap in a few days.


I want a skateboarding game for the switch. And a motorcycle game. I'd also take it on PC, there are so many car games and not enough of the fun stuff ;(


Well, as a huge Pixar fanatic up until a few years ago, it's time to admit the glory days are long gone. However, the Incredibles 2 has to be earth shatteringly good. Praise be to Brad Bird.


I (most likely) totaled my car earlier. On the other hand I got a skateboard after, so I guess that evens out. (Good one!- self). On the other other hand the front half got crashed and the airbag didn't even deploy, so hopefully I get sue and get rich


Oh boy, Halloween. While my fellow young adults will most likely spend it making out in costumes at a party, I will be getting baked, eating shit food, finishing up stranger things and watching movies by myself. Oh and shitposting #iswearimcool #iknowit


That's Mario beat. I now see why it's so good, you can jump back into it at any time when you feel the itch and have something to work towards. I think I had to beat the main story to "get it"


The comments here haven't even loaded on Microsoft's browser for at least a week. I've had to use my phone for everything. Anyone else have this issue?


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