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I wish the steam store could work rn


I asked her out. She said she was seeing someone, and the whole time leading up to it was incredibly nerve wracking, but actually asking was super easy. I was so scared of this for nothing, so at least I learned something.


Just got a 98 on a paper I wrote the day it was due and thought was trash, ive been feeling restless /manic all day so I tried some weed and I dont feel paranoid like on my last med, and I decided if I ask that girl out tomorrow I'll buy FFXV or IX on PC


True story, my summer class is alnost over and this girl I hadn't really talked to but have had a crush on paid me 1.00USD to come back to her apartnent and pick up a dead roach. Nothing happened, talk about sexy.


Tried out the new octopath demo. My pet peeve doesn't seem to have been fixed. Do you guys think there's any chance the game will get a resolution bump in the final release or is it as is? The pixel art in game isn't nearly as crisp as in the title screen


I got to the same point in FFX on steam as I did on my ps4 copy a year or two ago, and turned on all the cheats (unlimited money, items, all skills, etc.). On one hand I want to try and focus on story, on the other I feel a bit guilty.


I love pornhub comments because half of them are actually funny and the other half are super weird and creepy but still make me laugh


Prob the best song on kanyes new album. Follow up would have to be yikes, in which he sings about bipolar being his superpower. I can't stay mad at the man for very long.


The only game shown at all of e3 I'm super excited for is cyberpunk (I guess dragonquest counts too?) and I've already wanted those games for years. I kept waiting for new game to be shown that was like "oh fuck" and there was nothing


I had a doctors appointment today and confirmed I have ocd (or at the least ocd "traits"), so i can throw that on the pile with bipolar and anxiety. It's nice to have a name on something tho. Trying to find the right medicine on top of other meds sucks.


I'm up to season 4 of mad men and it now stands alongside my other favorite show of all time, Cowboy bebop. Bojack and rick n morty are pretty high up there too but I fucking love this show


I'm fucking addicted to buying fighting games and just checking out stages and colors. I have a paper due tomorrow and I spent the majority of the day looking at stages for KOF games. Like literally hours, I can't stop myself.


When you're trying to watch a show, a spider dangles down right in front of your nose and disappears in your bedding, and as you're looking for the spider a centipede materializes above you, disappears, u throw a book, and half of it also goes into sheets


I've been watching a lot of mad men for the first time and why the hell hasn't Jon Hamm played James Bond?


Going from Back to the Future to Pt.2 is really jarring bc the new Jennifer is such a cheap knock off of the first Jennifer and it's really distracting and sad


Rewatched "it", which I liked in the theater with reservations, and fucking loved it. Also finally saw "call me by your name". I don't know what to say except that it was beautiful and I struggle to think of a better romance film.


Hot take, the majority of men's shorts being knee length or longer is freaking stupid. I was never a shorts person but I found a pair that goes about mid thigh and it's fucking great. Regular shorts look stupid and don't keep you cool.


Two random dragonball super related thoughts : 1) Isn't it weird Mei is crushing on young trunks since she used to be an adult? What is this, "Big"? 2) yajirobi is a total stoner. I bet he spends all day snorting crushed up senzu beans with the cat


Dragonball super opinions? Only started watching it a few days ago and I'm curious what yall think


I just found out the new arctic monkeys album comes out the day before my birthday. Life = complete


I bought Mark of the Wolves for my new phone for the novelty of it being on a phone and now I have to buy an adapter 3+ times the amount of the game and hope I can use my fightstick on my phone so I don't feel like an idiot


I love the shadaloo research website for SFV where you can view everything about the characters. I've also figured out the characters I like the most and wanna get good at: Ed, Sakura, and Zeku.


I wish I could have the stages in KOFXIV in SFV. I hate the NPC's in street fighter but the KOF stages looks awesome. The destroyed stadium one even had very Akira like music.


I was just watching a gameplay video of P.T. and was reminded I think that was the best gaming experience I've had. I remember my friends and I playing it in the dark when it first came out and how terrifying it was.


Question for you guys: would you say Street Fighter V plays similarly to the Alpha games/third strike? Obvious they will have some different inputs/special abilities but do you think those skills would transfer? I've only played a little v, nothing else


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