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Annihilation was absolutely incredible. Ex machina was a great movie, somehow this is an even better one. God damn


I'm about 10 hours in now, and I'm still really enjoying radiant historia. If I have one issue it's that the continent itself feels extremely small. It refers to different nations seemingly each composed of a single, tiny village.


Welp, no reason to read any further now.


I picked up the radiant historia remake since I've always wanted to play it, and I'm loving the option to instantly kill regular enemies on the field. What I wouldn't give for that option in every jrpg ever. I'd have played ffvi and CT 10 times over


I hate sleep paralysis. I'm so tired but I don't want to close my eyes because my body freezes up and it feels horrible. I know it's pretty stupid but I just can't stand it.


I really, really liked black panther. A lot. There was like a 20 minute segment I didn't really care for but in this case that doesn't derail the movie, unlike with something like wonder woman. I can't wait to listen to the soundtrack


Saw this ad for a wildlife photographer intern at a ranch in Montana. I live nowhere near Montana, but that sounds kind of cool. I probably wouldn't get that but I'm trying to think of possible things I can do.


Any thoughts of secret of Mana? For some reason I want to play the remake (only played a bit of the of) even tho the reviews aren't great. I feel like the art style would grow on me. Anyone enjoying it?


What is this, minority report? I love when people say "mental illness" as a catch-all reason for this shit, no fucking shit. But then they act like the kind of person who would do this would willingly seek help. Lots of people have mental illnesses.


This day is dedicated to my girl. "My girl" being the Incredibles 2 trailer, when it drops sometime soon. *Anxiously waits*


It pains me to admit this but I just spent about 140 bucks on new vape stuff. I was not expecting to spend that much. Now I have to make some serious lifestyle changes so I don't hate myself. I had to get that off my chest.


What's everyone's favorite Kubrick? From what I've seen, I think Barry Lyndon is his best with A Clockwork Orange perhaps being my "favorite". Granted there are a bunch I haven't seen. Thoughts?


I've been obsessed with this comic series called "Blue Monday". If you are into Scott pilgrim, graphic novels in general, or slice of life anime/manga, look it up.


double post sorry I'm playing FF VII for the first time on Vita. Enjoying it so far, even if some of the dialogue comes off as awkward/out of place in english. What do you guys think about it/ where would it rank with the rest of the FF games for ya'll


I finally saw "colossal" from last year and it fucking sucked. What a dissapointment


I bought another vita charger just to play suikoden 2. Even though I just got into Xenoblade, didn't finish persona 5, and radiant historia comes out soon. I'm convincing my friend to make it his first jrpg so we can podcast about it.


Idk if I've said this before but Phantom Thread is the best movie I saw from last year Xenoblade update: more used to the stupid pants, I love the over the top cutscenes, and I'm getting more used to how shitty it looks technically


After playing it a bit more, Xenoblade 2 seems to have a couple issues, the main one being how much I hate Rex's stupid fucking pants!


How do you guys feel about iconoclasts (?) so far? I got it yesterday about 12 seconds after finding out about it. Using my SNES controller and it feels really good. Pixel art character portraits are my favorite kind of game art.


Nolan being nominated for Best director over Daddy Dennis, get out (no pun intended) of here. (Disclaimer Oscars don't actually matter but I'll still bitch about it)


Didn't get out of work until like 4 A.M. last night, since I got my bar job. I love how empty the city is at night. I feel much more alive. Fuck the daytime.


I might be starting another position as a barback at a really cool bar, but I'd make 10/h w no tips. Anyone else worked in a bar before? Does that seem fair? I have to drive quite far and pay for parking so I'm barely making money, but I want the exp.


I start work at a restaurant tomorrow...time to get over that anxiety I've had the last few months I guess... *chain vapes* Anyway, I finally beat my 7 year old Ocarina file and have been playing Majora's Mask for the first time.


I was doing squats at gym earlier in skinny jeans (don't ask) when a hole ripped in the area covering my ass. I left school early in shame.


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