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Impulse ordered the complete Patlabor bluray. It has everything I want: comedy, non sexualized female characters,80s anime style, and MECHS! Also, Otomo is doing a new movie and the akira series, and Oshii has a new series too set for 2020. Exciting.


Are you ever in a car with someone who is such an awful driver you become numb to almost accidents and just pray you make it back alive? In times like these I feel like I'M baby driver even tho I suck


Yesterday I found: a Cowboy Bebop tshirt, a Princess Mononoke tshirt, kikis delivery service fingerless gloves (edgy), and the criterion blurays for Some like it hot, Blue Velvet, and Fire Walk with Me. It was all on sale and I was very happy.


Controversial opinion : Chrono Trigger is amazing. It's weird easily beating bosses on the first try that gave me problems for months when I was a kid.


Greyhound busses fucking suck


I lost my watch for months and then found it and then lost it again... I miss it.


I'm glad I found out about this game genie thing, bcause I can input cheat codes and make myself immortal, meaning I can play through a bunch of snes rpgs for the story and music without being stressed


Secret of Mana or Trials of Mana or Illusion of Gaia or Terranigma? Been looking into these games, was curious for thoughts.


I have to write four papers for Monday but I just want to play Majoras Mask :(


Sorry if this is beating a dead horse, but what ideas does everyone have for botw 2? How will they handle using the same world? What gameplay elements do you think/hope will change?


I played the cristales demo (jrpg inspired) and it was so fucking pretty. Excited for that game.


I would literally give my balls to just have BOTW 2 rn


Just saw a man in a car honk at a woman walking in front of me- his intent was very clear. He looked so angry and agressive. My gf said she saw the same girl in an elevator later and she looked upset. I wish something terrible would happen to catcallers


Preordered the physical collection of mana for switch and ffvii with art book and CD, just in case.


Finally got puyo puyo tetris. Amazon kept fucking up the delviery, but I just had to get the physical version. My friend and I fell asleep seeing tetriminos...


Apparently links awakening has a "to be determined" number of players, which probably means nothing, but apparently the original was going to have some form of co op at one point, so that would he amazing


Pokemon releasing this summer and not at Christmas? It could totally happen! If i keep saying it, it will happen


It'd be really cool if the new fire emblem doesn't have a bunch of weab fetish stuff and sexualized thousands of years old 10 year olds, but I won't get my hopes up. But it'd be cool because then I could get the game and I really want a new switch game


Hmm..apparently square fixed the overworld music bug in FFVII on switch, so now I'm debating it even thought I own it on several other platforms. I just finished it, but avoiding most of the combat, so maybe I'll play through it for real.


I can't find my smash bros cart and im distraught


Do you guys rename characters when given the chance? I'm at max OCD because I spend so much time deciding who I want to name what (my name? A fake name? People I know? Default names? )


I'm going to try and finish FFVII soon. I have combat turned off so it shouldn't take me too long lol. In other news, I hate people, quick rant below.




I've started purchasing and reading 20th century boys and Monster. Both seem really good so far. I'm going to get really into this authors stuff.


Got news?  [email protected]


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Super Mario Maker 2"I miss the stylus"


Stranger Things 3: The Game"It's weird that this hit the Switch before a Netflix app, right?"


Blazing Chrome"I ran to this Contra affair"


Dr. Mario World"Dr. Feelgood microtransactions"


Umihara Kawase Fresh!"Swingers club"


SolSeraph"Gods and monsters"


The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa"Me and my friends"


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Welp managed to get GOG galaxy downloaded and Looking forward to toying around with it, seems to be pretty neat as of


Imma watch Far From A couple of things were spoiled for me but not too Very excited!


If youre playing Bloodstained on PC Id reccommend using ReShade and the Bloodstained_ReShade preset It gives the shading more vibrance and makes it generally nicer to look at, as I found the default to be a little


Hey, you nerds hear about this yet?


Going to be streaming some more later today at about 3pm MT! So if you want to join me in my edgy animu journey or just want to hang out in chat then catch me at

Rad Party God

All the cherry Slurpees for this cinnamon


Well cover me with buboes and wall me up inside my home to contain the spread of infection while I slowly starve and then die, I gots a new blog up! Its about them there microbes, iffin that would be of interest to One more




First gamerDVR stopped uploading my images, now the Xbox screenshotting feature is tired of my They cant stop me from sharing my #Minecraft house! On top of a hill, with a sweetass lookout and deep subterranean dungeon


*CTR Nitro Fueled* Now that its been out for a while what is your general opinion of the Is it just me or did they really up the difficulty? Note Im playing through Adventure mode on Been stuck on Hot Air Skyway forever! Whats your take?



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