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I'm taking a late night impulse train to spend the night with my girl and watch cowboy bebop. I will do anything to spread the gospel of bebop.


I just woke up to a giant spider on the wall several feet from my face. The only thing that could kill it was all 1156 pages of "It"


Today I had the sex for the first time in... a while... Also I forgot bojack is a thing for a day and I just remembered I have that to binge


Man i have shit to do but I am on the fucking EDGE of getting dragon quest im trying and praying but it keeps calling


Quick update you guys know that girl that I invited to my aunts house to watch a movie? She stayed the night and we skipped classes all of today. I've never spent so much consecutive time with anyone


This dude just told me he had a death in the family and needed a cigarette but my train was leaving and they were in my car so I was like nah and now I wish I got him one and talked a bit. I hate myself


*is staying at aunts house alone all week to take care of her dog *has plans to watch movies w girl but girl has roommates *girl agrees to take a train just to watch movie w me in empty house I am sorry aunt, I mean no disrespect but it had to be done.


I'm going to get kind of sappy/emotional in the comments. I just want to rant/get it out I guess.


Me: I want to try and focus on my social life, school, an- Dragon Quest 11: Escape everything. Look how pretty I am.


I haven't even had two of my classes yet and school just started and I already feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do. I feel like I won't have any time ever.


I can fall asleep literally any time throughout the day, just not anywhere between 10 and Midnight when I actually need to


Ya gotta love it when a girl screenshot your snaps. I'm sure my dog being in the photo everytime it happens has nothing to do with it. Can't resist this face.


Has anyone gotten a haircut and had to immediately get another one? I think i might have to do that


I just got harassed for walking my dog by someone. Story in comments.


I watched the first four parts of the twin peaks return, and just watched what I thought was the fifth, which was possibly the most surreal and crazy thing I have ever seen. Apparently it's the 8th episode and I watched it out of order.


Well, I caved and bought hollow knight on switch. Only played a couple hours but I've gotten almost all the map markers (lol@my memory) and just beat the first boss.


I'm in the universally agreed shit stretch of twin peaks so it's a long battle to get to the end so I can watch Fire walk with me and season 3. I'm trying to get it over with as quickly as possible


I wish Hollow Knight had an easy mode so I could buy it.


This maybe very old news, but I'm just learning the details now. Even though roman polanski raped a 13 year old, many of my favorite artists, including David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Scorsese, and Tarantino defend him. I don't understand why he is defended?


I wish barnes and noble had that 50% off criterions rn. Im watchi g season two of twin peaks for the first time and I want to pick up Fire Walk with Me as well as that lynch documentary.ugh!! I guess I'll just use amazon.


When you figure out your thesis for a 9 page paper at 10pm and its due the next day at noon.


Ugh! There's an Eva vinyl release I just found out about that is impossible to obtain. Just let me fucking have it


The creators of evangelion are disgusted by the way fans sexu-


Well, evangelion 3 was certainly interesting. Honestly I don't get the hate unless people are just mad because it's not a basic remake of the original. Man I can't wait two years for 4...


I'm reading crying of lot 49 by pynchon for school and it's fuckin weird. I think I'm going to rewatch the first two eva rebuilds and finally watch 3.33 now that 3.0+1.0/4=6 or whatever it's called has a release date


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