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Finished the Nausicaa manga. All i want is a slice of life in the Nausicaa world featuring romance and leisurely glider trips before humanity starts to fuck up again. Alas, it doesn't exist. Who bangs who? Ughhh!


Within the past two days I've bought Porco Roso, Castle in the Sky, and Spirited Away on bluray, and I've been trying to find Howls Moving Castle as well. Now I'm looking at Miyazaki art books on Amazon. Have mercy on my soul.


I rewatched the wind rises and I forgot how fucking gorgeous that movie is. Question: what is your personal favorite Ghibli movie, and which do you think is the best movie?


Windows is literally constantly trying to force updates on me, even though everytime it attempts to update it goes wrong. Does anyone know if there's a way to set update pushing to "fuck off"?


when u work 5pm-6am and get hit by someone driving a coworker home and don't get back until 8 am #rant Just when I got a new car...


I'm rewatching Evangelion and I really want a job at NERV where all I do is read mecha science jargon off a screen or walk around and shout stuff like "LAUNCH EVA!!!". For being such a high stress situation it seems pretty chill


The weather where I am is horrible and surprisingly I was able to get off for the night so I don't have to die. Coincidentally, I just picked up three more my hero academia volumes. ;) I am satisfied


I wasn't sure how I felt about my hero academia but all I did today was drive to a Barnes and Noble to get the 4th volume and now I'm going to a different one, further away, to get the 5th. I feel like such a loser today.


After picking picking up the manga I see my hero academia has some striking similarities to the classic piece of cinema "sky high"


Inspired by the steam release I put Chrono trigger in my DS to continue my file from like 3 years ago (zeal) to find marle named after my at the time girlfriend, so I'll be changing her name as soon as possible...


Just finished the first 3 seasons of arrested development for the first time. Pretty damn good. What do y'all think about the 4th season?


Persona 4 Golden vs 5, which do you guys prefer? I'm starting persona 4 over after not getting very far in it before and was curious what you guys think


Thinking bout quitting my bar job and following my suburban stoner dreams of being a pizza delivery guy. I could also take a barback shift offered closer to me. I'm starting to hate not having a social life and the stress/driving far/sleep schedule


Annihilation was absolutely incredible. Ex machina was a great movie, somehow this is an even better one. God damn


I'm about 10 hours in now, and I'm still really enjoying radiant historia. If I have one issue it's that the continent itself feels extremely small. It refers to different nations seemingly each composed of a single, tiny village.


Welp, no reason to read any further now.


I picked up the radiant historia remake since I've always wanted to play it, and I'm loving the option to instantly kill regular enemies on the field. What I wouldn't give for that option in every jrpg ever. I'd have played ffvi and CT 10 times over


I hate sleep paralysis. I'm so tired but I don't want to close my eyes because my body freezes up and it feels horrible. I know it's pretty stupid but I just can't stand it.


I really, really liked black panther. A lot. There was like a 20 minute segment I didn't really care for but in this case that doesn't derail the movie, unlike with something like wonder woman. I can't wait to listen to the soundtrack


Saw this ad for a wildlife photographer intern at a ranch in Montana. I live nowhere near Montana, but that sounds kind of cool. I probably wouldn't get that but I'm trying to think of possible things I can do.


Any thoughts of secret of Mana? For some reason I want to play the remake (only played a bit of the of) even tho the reviews aren't great. I feel like the art style would grow on me. Anyone enjoying it?


What is this, minority report? I love when people say "mental illness" as a catch-all reason for this shit, no fucking shit. But then they act like the kind of person who would do this would willingly seek help. Lots of people have mental illnesses.


This day is dedicated to my girl. "My girl" being the Incredibles 2 trailer, when it drops sometime soon. *Anxiously waits*


It pains me to admit this but I just spent about 140 bucks on new vape stuff. I was not expecting to spend that much. Now I have to make some serious lifestyle changes so I don't hate myself. I had to get that off my chest.


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