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there's a bluray of the handmaiden with 20 extra minutes and it's not available in region 1 and i just have to say that's some fuckin bullshit. Criterion or someone, please help


Wow, shocker. I'd like to show all the people on reddit who insisted pornhub could do no wrong to me, but they would find rationalizations anyway. Apparently they've recently removed most of their videos, but they've known for years and didn't care


Well i got hades even tho i didn't think it would be my thing . Didn't realize there's romance; more gay options than straight which i haven't seen in a mainstream game. Also shout out to devs for the god mode, otherwise i wouldn't have bought it.


Gamers™ freaking out about cyberpunk reviews that actually address how it handles political/social issues in a genre meant to comment on those things (and bc lets be real the reviewer is a woman) is the cringiest (and least surprising) thing ever


Anyone here see Ocean Waves? I've wanted to see it since I was a kid but it was impossible to find. I thought by now I wouldn't like it that much because eh, high school anime shit, but it was AMAZING. the music was sooo good. It was wonderful


I haven't been on lately but it's lovely to see all the posts encouraging voting. Any recommendations for a good inexpensive light rum?


Controversial opinion (?), Community Season 6 is the best season after 2 (or alongside). I love 5 as well. Also season 4 is the worst season but it's not bad bad. It's still enjoyable (just not as funny).


I don't know too much about martial arts films, but I've been watching Bruce Lee movies and really enjoy them. I do know that Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan are both horrible, shitty human beings, and that Bruce Lee is better and could also kick their asses


When Cloud has to give up the emo terrorist hijinks and get a boring day job


I took some screenshots in FFVIIR and edited them a bit. Link in comments if anyone wants to take a looksee


I finished ffviiR, lots of scattered thoughts in comments


PSA the new strokes album is out. I think jesus knew how fucked everything is and threw the universe a bone with ffvii AND a new strokes album


I'm going to try and hold off on ffvii until i get a bunch of school work done. I don't know if I will be able to resist for long, but it will be the hardest thing I've ever done maybe


I wish FFVII was just coming to PC now. I want to play it when it comes out, but I also don't want to get it digital on ps4 when I know I'll probably sell my ps4 / not take it when I move...plus I know I'll fuckin buy it again on pc anyway...


I've been looking forward to FFVII for a long time, but I can't stop thinking about the irony of playing a game about fighting an evil corporation on an electronic device sold by corporations who use slave and child labor.


Just dropping in to say I really liked Birds of Prey, please see it, I want another one. I would compare it to Deadpool or the John Wick sequels, except more interesting (and I liked it more). It's also just fun as heck, and colorful. Thanks!


Umbrellas are for the weak willed


Also, I've watched the birds of prey trailer 3 times, and I genuinely think it looks really cool (for reference, I haven't cared about a superhero film in maybe years, including marvel, and have little interest in joker)


I really like Disenchanted. It's fun and silly and also sometimes really smart and satirical *disenchantment, ugh


Double post, but I beat Links Awakening. It was very good, but I think Link Between Worlds is the better game when it comes to 2D Zelda. Maybe I didn't like that Link emotionaly CHEATED on zelda


DQXI has a quest where you dress up Jade in a bunny suit to pander to a pervert who also "possesses" her body, and then the player gets to put her in said bunny suit! Yea, not cool. I want to buy the game on switch but I'm much less likely to now...


If dudes could stop spitting constantly and walking out of the bathroom without washing their hands, that would be great. It's gross. I don't know why these things happen. I have literally never seen a girl spit but I see a dude spit like, once a day.


I need to do laundry and there's a giant spider on the wall near the door to the laundry room. I literally wish it was a house centipede and I never thought I would say that. I hate this so much please help me


I'm still hoping there's some kind of extra area or towns or something in Links Awakening they've kept a secret, but even if not I still can't wait to get it next Friday


Is there any chance the new animal crossing will let me be a furry and play as an animal or


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