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Did yet another Let's Play of Battleborn! Since I wanted to get a video up by the end of this week, and I didn't really feel motivated to do much editing, I decided to experiment. Titanfall 2's LP was 10 minutes, this one is 30. Which will do better?


I wonder why people get so upset when the person they're in a relationship with have sex with someone else. What's wrong with them having a good time with someone who isn't you? I mean, I masturbate to thoughts of women cheating on me all the time.


Do you guys feel lazy when it's hot? I'm not gonna lie, your boy contemplated uploading a half-assed edited, 30-minute Let's Play because I just can't, y'all. Last night, I went to bed because it was so hot, I was too lazy to get a drink of water. >^<


You ever get that feeling that you need to masturbate NOW, and you get that nagging sensation in your loins that bothers you so much that it's all you can think about? I've had that for a few days. This better just be a coincidence to recent events. :/


How Splatoon helped me reconnect to an old friend.

Splatoon has a special place in my heart. First and foremost, it was pretty much the deciding factor of me purchasing a Wii U. See, when E3 2014 rolled around, Nintendo was fucking killing it with the hits. They announced the obvious ...


Doing a Let's Play of Titanfall 2, otherwise known as one of the best multiplayer shooters ever (fight me)! Seriously, I'm lucky that I did well in this match, especially since I'm recording. And yes, my Titan is named Brianna. FUCK YOU. :P


I spent half an hour at Fakku Dating. I thought of doing it for kicks, but in one conversation, I went from giving advice about how to [blank] masturbate, to how to [blank] yourself, to giving advice on how to pick up guys. I think I fucked up.


Today was such a good day. I reconnected with a girl I was friends with in high school (who I crushed on). We caught up and played Splatoon for 3 hours. Feels like we were still the same couple of dumbasses as we've always been. I should write a blog. :3


The homie Raiku recommended Fakku Dating to me. I fucked with it last night, hoping to get into some nasty sex stuff. Almost every person I got matched with, we had regular conversations about their lives. I think your boy ain't good at flirting. (Part 1)


(Part 2) - The one person who DID initiate some role-play, TWICE, as both teacher/ student (I was the teacher) and a big-bro/ little-sis dynamic, the fucking server timed out before we got to the sex. THE GODDESS WANTS TO KEEP ME AS A VIRGIN FOREVER! >^<


People seem to have success with Tinder. Maybe I should try it. If anyone knows how to make a broke, unemployed, socially awkward nerd, who lives with his mom and can't drive... sound appealing to women who are not fat, ugly, or worse, virgins, help.


Ugh... not only am I feeling down because I haven't done anything creative in two weeks, but now it's so hot in the house that it's sapping my motivation to try writing. I'm all sticky and sleepy from the heat. It's even affecting my masturbating. >^<


Did another Let's Play of Paladins for the PS4. Since I'm only level 4, I can't play against other players, which sucks, because the A.I. has fucking aimbots! I front-loaded a clip: the first ten seconds was literally Hanzo doing a 180 to kill me. >^<


I wonder if all this porn made me unconsciously racist. Interracial scenes seems to be the only thing that turns me on nowadays... besides being cucked, of course. On the other hand, I now think black women are hotter. Saw two sexy girls at McDonald's.


As if there was any other option for your boy.


My will is weak today. Doesn't help that it's been raining these past few days. Usually, I welcome it, as such gloomy weather would provide the perfect setting for creative works... but as you may have noticed, I've been severely lacking in that front.


Posted some sexual fantasies in the quickposts, like I always do, thinking that maybe we'll share a laugh about what a creepy pervert I am. Yeah, didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Now I'm thinking. Did not plan to do that at all today.


I found porn of my Persona 5 waifu, Tae Takemi, being gangbanged. I KNEW a woman like her couldn't be satisfied with just one man, let alone someone like me! I just love seeing the contented smile on her face when she's surrounded by big, meaty cocks.


Tae Takemi called me her guinea pig. Do you know how happy that makes me? She gets me. She knows my true worth, which is to devote my life to serve my goddess. This must be love! So I'll need all you motherfuckers back away from her. She is MINE. MINE!


I'm not gonna lie, your boy is this close, THIS FUCKING CLOSE, to changing the difficulty of Persona 5 to Safety. Why? Because I don't give a single fuck about having a decent challenge, I JUST WANT TO DATE MY FUCKING WAIFU. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!?


Not far in Persona 5, but I'm having sexual fantasies of Tae Takemi. I imagine her concocting a potion that paralyzes my body so she could have her way with me. Maybe she could even do something about my tiny dick, so I won't have to find her a real man.


You probably don't know this, but your boy has severe commitment issues. I know, TOTAL FUCKING SHOCKER, am I right? That's one reason why I can never hold down a job, or even look for one. Turns out, it's so bad, I can't even get a job in Persona 5. >^<


Huh. For the first time in many moons, I actually feel motivated to write a short story. I don't know if I'll actually write it, but I got the characters, plot, and dialogue in mind. Oh my goddess, a Morpho post with absolutely no sexual connotations!?


I was looking up the newest porn videos, and I found a compliation of Source Film Maker videos featuring, get this, people with small penises. I'm thinking "finally, I can accept my tiny dick!" Nope. The fucking video won't even load. What cruel fate.


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